Fire Ring: where to find Moonveil Katana

There are a wide variety of weapons available for players to find, find and buy in The Lands Between Elden Ring, but some of the best weapons are the hardest to grab. It’s safe for this katana, so if you ask how you get it, we have the information here. Here it is where to find the Moonveil katana in the Fire Ring.

Where to find the Moonveil katana in the Fire Ring

This powerful katana is found in a cave called the Gael Tunnel, which lies on the border between Caelid and Limgrave. You will need to enter through Caelid, the red area on the map to the east. There are many knights and other enemies near the entrance, but you can pass them through the Torrent and go quickly into the tunnel to avoid getting caught.

Here is the exact location on the map where Gael Tunnel is located:

fire ring monveil katana gael tunnel location

Gael Tunnel contains some knights, mineral enemies and squid monsters, so be prepared. Continue straight through the tunnel while avoiding the slippery streets until you finally reach a room with two wooden doors to be opened. The one from izquierda leads to a Sitio de Gracia, while the double doors on the right lead to a pelea de jefes.

The Fire Ring Magma Wyrm Moonveil Katana dies

You will need to turn the Magma Wyrm boss through the right gate to get the Moonveil katana. As the name suggests, this relatively small dragon snatches magma through its mouth so that it has fire-resistant elements and armor while avoiding its mouth. It is also worth noting that attacks with cold-loaded weapons help significantly.

Once Magma Wyrm is broken, it will be rewarded with Moonveil, a sword that scales with Str (E), Dex (D) and Int (C), making it ideal for hechiker constructions. In fact, it is one of the best swords for any construction based on Int.

Elden ring monveil katana stats

It also has the ability to send moonlight, which scatters light waves from the sword when using normal or heavy attacks while holding down the special key / button.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the Moonvel katana in the Fire Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other special items as you travel through Lands Between.

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