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There are all kinds of weapons and different equipment to equip your character in the Elden Ring, many of which are inspired by the medieval aesthetics of our own world. It includes the Japanese feudal period, and if you are a fan of samurai warriors, but for some reason did not choose to start with the class of samurai warriors, then there is a special sword you will find. Here it is Location of Uchigatan in Elden Ringif you ask.

Location of Uchigatan in Elden Ring

Location of Uchigatan in Elden Ring

The Uchigatana sword is found inside Catacumbas Tocadas por la Muerte, a mazmorra located east of Castillo Stormveil and a place that you will have access to from the beginning of your adventure through The Lands Between.

As with many mazmorra in the Elden Ring, the purpose of this mazmorra is to clear the area and place a handle that opens a closed door for a pile of minibuses. But in reality, you do not have to do anything like this to get Uchigatana.

Instead, simply walk down the stairs from the entrance to the mazmorra and continue forward and then down another tram of stairs (pictured above) before turning right and passing through a small gate to the exit.

Continue through this small hallway, turn right now, and then you will find Uchigatana in a corpse leaning over the edge of the platform (pictured above).

Uchigatana is a powerful sword for the initial game and can also be updated to keep up with the pace of your character’s progress. It is also possible to use Ashes of War today to acquire an extra magical ability. Scale D with strength and power as standard.

It should give you everything you need to know about the location of Uchigatana in the Fire Ring. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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