“Fire Emblem” latest work, the main character is stupid as “like a Vtuber”

Latest work “Fire Emblem Engage”

Image related to Fire Emblem Engage Vtuber Protagonist Ryul Character Design Blue Red Uncool-02

Image related to Fire Emblem Engage Vtuber Protagonist Ryul Character Design Blue Red Uncool-03


■ From Twitter

Image related to Fire Emblem Engage Vtuber Protagonist Ryul Character Design Blue Red Uncool-04


Hey Nintendo, what is this?

Well, it can’t be helped because the times are looking for characters like VTubers

stop being a pirate

What is this…

The current trend is two-tone colors
A long time ago, mesh was popular.

I tried too hard and I feel like I failed

Is this really Fire Emblem? w

I don’t really feel uncomfortable with this

Seriously, the hair that says this is growing too much at once
where is the fashion

I can only see it like that

Is this a Vtuber?

Is it a circus?

A Vtuber who RPs as a knight who protects the virtual world

woman is nice
Who is the man for?

How do you get this color
If you’re a real Vtuber, yes, but it’s strange as a world view.

I like Nijisanji

The connection between hair color and odd eyes is too lame

Is it the bottom group of Nijisanji?

Even overseas, V has the image of doing an appetizer.

I’m sorry I won’t buy it this time

V is a bad culture

I’m pretty sure she’s Kaguyazuki’s designer.

Odd eyes and meshes represent a character with something mixed in, but it’s overkill

I think you should really change your hair color
It just doesn’t fit my world view

Crossing your hair and eyes is lame…

Even I, who doesn’t watch it, thought it looked like a Vtuber, so I think everyone thought so too.

The hair is the same, but the clothes are also dangerous
looks like a party outfit

Fuka Yukigetsu was also said to be a character designer at first
Before anyone knew it, it took root and most of the people who complained had disappeared.

No matter how lame it is
Balance is important after all

You can’t make an interesting game with a sense like this

What kind of setting is this fashion
Do you feel like you’re aiming to become a top idol?

I often thought of going with such a fucking design
Did you?

Even uncool otaku think bangs are uncool
this is really cool

DLC that changes the appearance of the main character is likely to sell

V doesn’t seem to be very popular either.

When I first saw it, I thought, “It’s like a Vtuber-like character design.”
If you put it in the lower right corner of the game screen, it’s a Vtuber… An RPG with a Vtuber protagonist…

Rather, the latest character design is Vtuber
Even though it is inevitable that it will be like a Vtuber! The only one who doesn’t have this sense is the old man!

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