[Financial results]Sony’s working revenue of 1,079.7 billion yen!Sales within the recreation division elevated sharply, PS5 gross sales totaled 32.1 million models worldwide

Sony Group Corporation

Financial Results for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2023[IFRS](Consolidated)


According to the article

・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 8,476,287 million yen (up 10.7% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 1,079,742 million yen (up 1.5% yr on yr)
・Profit earlier than tax: 1,035,711 million yen (+0.8% YoY)
・Final revenue: 808,968 million yen (up 4.9% year-on-year)

■ Game & Network Service
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 2,571.4 billion yen (up 24.0% year-on-year)
・Operating revenue: 211,142 million yen (down 18.4% yr on yr)

■ music
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 1,031,136 million yen (up 25.4% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 202,667 million yen (+25.8% YoY)

■ Movies
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 1,010,382 million yen (up 9.0% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 103.72 billion yen (down 49.7% yr on yr)

■ Entertainment Technology & Service
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 1,982,178 million yen (up 7.4% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 212,502 million yen (down 5.3% yr on yr)

■ Imaging & Sensing Solutions:
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 1,053,359 million yen (up 28.3% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 180,527 million yen (+24.6% YoY)

■ Finance
・Sales: 961,266 million yen (down 23.4% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 190,197 million yen (+85.9% YoY)

・Sales: 65,126 million yen (down 11.8% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 16,775 million yen (down 19.9% ​​yr on yr)

Outlook for fiscal yr ending March 31, 2023
・Sales and monetary enterprise revenue: 11.5 trillion yen (up 15.9% yr on yr)
・Operating revenue: 1.18 trillion yen (down 1.9% yr on yr)
・Profit earlier than tax: 1.12 trillion yen (+0.2% YoY)
・Net revenue: 870 billion yen (down 1.4% yr on yr)


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