Final Fantasy XIV producer assures NFTs won’t be added to popular MMORPG

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that “at this time” there are no plans to implement NFTs in Square Enix’s popular MMORPG.

This assertion was formed during the last official feedin which Yoshida talked about the trend of NFTs in video games, and also about the possible introduction of blockchain technology in his game.

“Based on the design of Final Fantasy 14, we have no intention of incorporating any type of NFT element into the game at this time.”

“If anyone is concerned about that, I can clearly say at this stage that we have no intention of integrating that into the game.”

Quizás is a much-needed message of relief after Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda released a letter in early January expressing interest in blockchain technology and NFTs, which he said would be “an important trend.” in the video game industry.

But Yoshida said “we get a lot of feedback, especially from Western audiences, about NFTs, a lot of comments about how NFTs are opposed.”

“I understand that our CEO Matsuda talked about the concept of NFTs in his New Year’s message, and I wonder if there is a bit of sensitivity and nervousness around this topic.”

What’s curious is that Yoshida has a strong curiosity about NFTs, but in “non-Final Fantasy XIV” aspects.

“I think the vehicle itself could potentially make the concept of the video game something a little more interesting. That said, we would need specific game design to fit the concept of NFTs.”

“If one day there is an opportunity to go into it in more detail, I would like to tell you. I think there is potential to use it without going in a wrong or incorrect direction.”

“But again,” he insisted, “there will be no NFTs in FF14, so don’t worry.”

In the same stream, Yoshida also announced the return of the MMORPG’s free trial starting February 22. This test ended last year, as a measure to combat congestion and congestion issues on the servers following the successful launch of Endwalker, the latest expansion to date for Final Fantasy XIV.

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