Final Fantasy XIV parks 6.1 mission locations and unlocks

April 12, 2022: We will update the FFXIV 6.1 mission placement guide later in the day to respond to regrettable changes, surprise missions, and content name revelations.

Four months after the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and now we are preparing to embark on a new adventure in Europe. But first you want to reach the earth, complete some missions and learn FFXIV 6.1 Mission Locations so you can unlock things like the new mazmorra, the intrusion of the alliance and including the new paintings and mounts.

Final Fantasy XIV has reached a turning point with the Endwalker expansion. The main launch concludes a decade-long story where everything from FFXIV 6.1 onwards contains brand new stories when the Newfound Adventure slogan was introduced. Although the content pattern is largely itself, our ability to determine what is coming is not what it is.

Looking for more FFXIV content? We will have a lot more to say when we arrive at the park and we have had time to gather some match guides and other things, but so far a review of update 6.1 is an excellent way to build a list of what you want to do that in the coming weeks. For more details, visit the FFXIV 6.1 special website for a complete list of content.

Location of the main scene unlocking mission – How do I start the story of FFXIV 6.1 MSQ?

  • Search: «Nueva aventura» – Tataru, The Rising Stones (Coords X: 6.0 / Y: 5.9)
  • Preview requirements: Mission for the main screen “Endwalker” (6.0 MSQ)

These days, starting new MSQ missions is a simple process. There is no shortage of waiting until the story is over since the launch of 6.0, what we expect has already happened.

Without a doubt, if it has happened and you are not sure if it will be added, simply direct it to the MSQ HUD item in the upper right part of your screen. It will show you where to go. If for some reason you do not have it, simply open your map and stick to the coordinates given earlier.

New mazmorra unlock mission location – How do I unlock mazmorra FFXIV 6.1?

  • Search: «???»
  • Preview requirements: The main story of “Endwalker” MSQ

Still without a name due to spoiler reasons, it is suddenly much easier to unlock the new mazmorra FFXIV 6.1 than to try to hide your name from a single image. Now that we read from the days of having two mazmorras with each park, the location of the unlocking mission for the new one is very simple: it’s the main stage.

Just follow the missions in the main scenario using the HUD element in the upper right corner. As long as the story goes on, you will unlock what is going on in this new mazmorra. At the moment, the idea is that it’s a kind of devotion called the Alzadaal submarine ruins of Final Fantasy XI.

The monsters share a surprising look with those from the expansion Treasures of Aht Urghan. The fact that Alzadal’s Peace is an area in one of the newest city centers is also attributed to this theory.

Myths of the Realm Raid Unlock Quest Location – How do I unlock FFXIV 6.1 24-Man Raid?

  • Search: “A Mission in Mother Dhona” – Healthy Student, Old Sharlayan (X: 9.1 / Y: 11.5)
  • Preview requirements: The main story of “Endwalker” MSQ

For the most part, the essence of the FFXIV 6.1 update is the intrusion of 24 men from Myths of the Realm.

This marks the beginning of a new alliance scenario, which according to the team will function a bit like an epilogue independent of the Hydaeyln / Zodiark arch, which has been in place for almost ten years. In a few words, if you are interested in the larger history of FFXIV, you would like to see this close.

To unlock the Myths of the Realm intrusion, all you have to do is follow the MSQ missions on the main stage. They are still wrapped in mystery until the big day, but park registrations say the secondary mission will come from one of the MSQ missions. It may be the first, or it may be the last.

Just be careful with anyone who mentions it, a big event or a move to a new area. It’s probably the sign that you’re ready for it.

Role point of release: How to unlock FFXIV 6.1 Role point?

  • Search: “Sne Fordi” -Shirabaht, Radz-at-Han (X: 7.7 Y: 9.4)
  • Preview requirements: “Endwalker”, “A Path Unveiled”, “To Calmed Seas”, “Laid to Rest”, Ever March Heavensward “and” The Gift of Mercy “.

Since the disappearance of class-specific missions, role-playing missions have been transformed into new standards for battle-centered history missions. To unlock the collective finale of Endwalker’s role-playing missions, you must have completed not only the role-playing mission for its lead role, but also all the available role-playing missions; tank, sanador, distance DPS, body to body DPS and magic DPS too.

Once you’ve done all that, you can see Shirabaht in Rads-at-Han using the previous coordinates to see things until the end, which equates to four new missions.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsingers Aria Unlock Place – How to Unlock FFXIV 6.1 Extreme Test

  • Search: Trovador Errante, Viejo Sharlayan (X: 12.7 / Y: 14.2)
  • Preview Requirements: Search the main story “Endwalker” MSQ

Want to hit with a tougher version of Final Test 6.0? If you bring a team of level 580 or higher, you can try it. With no hassle, you can only do this through Band Finder, so it indicates how difficult you will get into this incredibly tough test.

Of course, to unlock The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria, you’ll need to complete the story of Endwalker presented in 6.0. Then just visit the stray finder who is not driving in Old Sharlayan to unlock this difficult vision of the past.

Location of Ultima’s Lane Unreal Unlock Mission – How do I unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Ultima Unreal test?

  • Search: «Fantastic Mr. Faux »- Dolorosamente Ishgardian Man, Idyllshire (X: 7.0 / Y: 5.9)
  • Preview requirements: “Shadowbringers” MSQ and “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs”.

The great laser procession is back! If you never managed to find a “Bit” race in the Praetorian, or you never needed the silly ring of Ultima’s Bane reworked, you’d like to unlock FFXIV 6.1 Ultima’s Unreal Bane. It will only be available during a single parking cycle, as soon as this color is at the top of the list.

To unlock this fun robot disco, simply unlock the “Fantastic Mr. False” mission released in the Shadowbringers expansion, and if it does, it will automatically unlock the trial version of Ultima Unreal. , then go to the previous coordinates to get started.

And that’s your lot. We have covered everything you need to know about FFXIV 6.1 unlocking sites. It seems like you’re jumping straight into the Alliance’s attack or trying your hand at Ultima Unreal for a whirlwind of nostalgia that’s a lot to follow here. We are adding some more parts of the park today so you can get new fittings, paintings and tracks that you will add to your collection.

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