Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 launches on April 12

Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 has a confirmed launch date, which launches on April 12th. Promises a new story and characters, called Newfound Adventure, and this latest update has shown mazmorras and jefes in the trailer continue.

A special website was also launched with detailed information on some of the new features in Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 that reveal new tricks, tricks, intrusions and a number of intrusions to participate in. In addition, fans can expect a number of fixes that will improve the overall experience of Final Fantasy XIV.

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Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 launches on April 12

Newfound Adventure ensures that Final Fantasy XIV will continue for a while, and that it will continue to be considered the best MMORPG available right now.

Interested players can purchase Final Fantasy XIV right now on PS4, PS5 and PC, while the 6.1 Newfound Adventure update launches on April 12th.

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