Filtering the inclusion of Ezio Auditore in Fortnite

A screening has confirmed the arrival of Ezio Auditore from Florence, one of the protagonists of the Assassin’s Creed saga, in Fortnite.

Neither Epic Games nor Ubisoft have officially announced the collaboration between the two franchises, but the cosmetic elements have already been found in the park announced today for Fortnite.

Ezio’s skin includes hooded and unhooded features, while the spikes are Ezio’s Assassin knives. There’s also an emote, in which the knives disappear from his hands.

You can then see a few tweets that show these cosmetics in action:

Ezio’s incorporation into Fortnite is the latest in an extensive collaboration with Epic’s talented franchisees. We can see characters from Capcom, with Street Fighter and Resident Evil skins, from Square Enix, with Tomb Raider, from Riot Games, with League of Legends, from Microsoft, with Halo and Gears of War, and with Sony, with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War or Uncharted.

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