Fights with the devil and fights against the obscure level of difficulty

Do not assume that the descents to hell are pleasant. After all, between the lava and the tortured weapons that run through the area, it seems like it would be difficult to achieve a moment of peace.

This is certainly the case in the infernal landscape that forms the stage for Metal Hellsinger, an upcoming game from the Swedish studio The Outsiders.

In my time with the heavy metal-inspired FPS, the impressive towers and menacing shadows of Hades served primarily as the impressive backdrop for a titanium fight between a man and his inability to click at the right moment.

First, I think it’s better to avoid the intense conflict that arose between the game and me towards the end of the exhibition level that you gain access to, it was not necessarily Metal Hellsinger’s fault. Indeed, the game does not run on wheels because it is designed for a primary audience, which is found in the middle of the Venn chart between the metalworkers and the players in FPS, is very easy.

Well, as a lover of role-playing games, I can respect a game by trying hard to satisfy the wishes of a specific audience, the lack of an opportunity to reduce the difficulty level left me only a little frustrated in the end. By the way, Metal Hellsinger Key is your FPS game, which requires you to search for and destroy a variety of enemies using a variety of weapons to advance in the world.

The only turn for this simple formula comes through the game’s title heavy metal soundtrack, which features the work of Matt Heafy from Trivium, Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy and Serj Tankian from System of a Down, with each stop of pickpocket and gunpowder noted more . points and gives more fuel to the battery in your multiplier if they are synchronized with the rhythm of the song being played.

In practice, this can lead to some incredibly satisfying maturity sequences when you fight fire with fire, the multiplier goes to 16 and the letter on the base track has a state of gradually starting to sonar to a target. Apparently, those moments were short and distant to me, with enemy attacks and out of rhythm clicks regularly interrupted to hamper my progress.

The net result of this, more the fact that some enemies (especially thugs and giants) can damage most of your health with a single blow, which would have killed a lot. This is not the end of the world, now that the game offers you two ‘resurrections’ that will bring you to life exactly where you died, even if you sacrificed part of your point before you are obliged to restore the level from scratch.

Without hesitation, I discovered that this was not enough to take me where I was going, and that the final sequence of the final fight with the boss made it impossible to weigh several attempts. Obviously, if you had to spend an entire week trying without resting over and over again, and as I said a lot of Dark Souls, you could probably have managed to master this part in particular, but even if it does, no of the times spent doing it would have been so much fun for me.

Janie has a decent weapon

Looking more closely at the realities of the game here, as I mentioned earlier, most of the furniture that will roll over you as you open your way through hordes of enemies is very impressive.

The weapons available at the demonstration work very well and are brilliant, with the shotgun (called Persephone) and the gemelas pistols (called The Hounds) forming strong motifs and starting to shine to the extent that its potential attacks are definitive. If you wanted to get into a skewed territory, you could say that the lack of a weapon in the form of a guitar was a bit misleading to bring the game’s theme, but you could easily get one of these to catch up further in full version.

I could say the same from the models used by most of the enemies you shoot with, which are sufficiently unknown, but they lack a bit of heavy metal flavor, so in my opinion they stand out as unique. The great boss here, who took the form of a floating shell with wings and served as a puppet master for all the other enemies, is the exception to this comment, with its appearance, being a little cartoonist who serves exactly how that kind of thing, you see in a music video by Tenacious D.

Symphony of Destruction

Speaking of music, the soundtrack from my experience with Metal Hellsinger was pretty good, with Alissa White-Gluz as the star chosen for the song associated with the level they touched. Despite my struggles, the parts of the piece that I could listen to with all its strength were fun to listen to, even if the riff did not have the assassin touch that has the best work with bands like Rammstein and Metallica.

On the other hand, I sometimes want more tunes that sound from old school, and the authenticity of surprise at the absence of a cameo or tribute to Jack Black treats me like not being such a metal man as I thought. Without hesitation, there is one thing that I am sure of is that based on my little time with him, I can only recommend Metal Hellsinger to those who are among the many enduring FPS.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, mortals, especially this descent to hell will mainly offer many disadvantages for the black, which will give you a whip that holds the whole pesadilla and makes you feel a bit like a king, nothing more than them. you save for playing more, as if nothing else matters, a fact that is sad but certain.

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