FFXIV trophy crystals: how to win

The latest FFXIV update is here and adds a wealth of PvP techniques and includes a whole new marketplace for the exciting MMO. It goes around FFXIV trophy crystals, the corresponding currency that you will definitely use to buy new items. Fortunately, we are here to help with a complete overview of how to get some FFXIV trophy crystals!

This Final Fantasy XIV guide will explain how to earn Trophy Crystals after update 6.1. We will also examine exactly what this new currency is and what types of items you can buy with it.

On the other hand, FFXIV, review everything you need to know about the new 6.1 update! We also have a guide to the changes to the Ishgard framework in Final Fantasy XIV, as well as a look at how to grab the Vinegaroon FFXIV bracket.

How to get FFXIV trophy crystals

The only way to earn FFXIV Trophy Crystals is to compete in time-limited PvP events that will take place during this final update. Simply go to the PvP menu and participate in matches, and after each party you get a dose of Trophy Crystals by participating. Reportedly, it will get even more during its failure, so it is in the interest of its resources to reach the top layers of the lobby.

Given that the PvP technique in FFXIV is based on a classification-based system, the more games you play, the more progress you will make. As such, the more experienced players using these PvP modes will get many more trophy crystals.

What are the FFXIV trophy crystals?

The FFXIV trophy crystals are the last currency to reach the game. It appears for the first time after update 6.1 as the exclusive currency for those with this latest extension. You can only use them in items sold by the Trophy Crystal supplier at Wolves’ Den Pier. As such, it is a much more limited currency that can be used to purchase a smaller selection of items. Basically, these are the ones that come in update 6.1.

How much do FFXIV trophy crystals cost?

To use the crystal trophies you have won in PvP games, you will want to go to Muelle de la Guarida de los Lobos. The dedicated Trophy Crystal seller is someone to talk to who sells items in exchange for this currency. As mentioned, many of the items for sale have been added in update 6.1. It includes the new minion Protonaught, available for 1,000 Trophy Crystals, and Wolf Barding, which also has 1,000 Trophy Crystals.

Without hesitation, if none of the Trophy Crystal supplier’s products are of interest, it’s worth the penalty to maintain their current trends. It is likely that new articles will appear soon during the weekly updates, so you will have more chances to use them in the future.

From now on, you will no doubt wander around the Trophy Crystals to buy the latest items! We also have a guide to the FFXIV Garo event so you can do it with the latest equipment.

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