FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 Mission, Rewards and Everything You Need to Know

El FFXIV Exclusion Area 2022 The event is live from now until April 27, with magic tricks and magic in abundance, in addition to the chance to win some exclusive items in the game. The mission has few requirements to complete, other than patience, though you would like to attend the associated DESTINATION several times if you have your position in anything more than the Summoning for Hatching Rabbit.

This guide explains how to participate in Hatching Tide 2022 and what you get for your endeavor, as well as how to complete the Hippity Hoppity Happily FATE.

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How to start covering the sea in FFXIV

You must have level 15 and play as Disciple of War or Magic. Travel to Old Gridania and Mih Khetto Theater, then talk to Jihli on stage. She will give you a brief overview of the issues this year’s festival is facing and will send you to talk to Nonotta near Greatloam Growery.

What Elijah does when he asks you to mediate between the cone and the gallbladder does not matter. In any case, find witnesses who can tell where the animals were. They are marked on the map, but these are the coordinates:

  • (X: 8.3, Y: 8.6)
  • (X: 11.3, Y: 11.7)
  • (X: 9.9, Y: 11.7)
  • (X: 12.5, Y: 13.4)

The last one takes you to Canopy where you will chat with a yellow cone who then asks you to help collect some gallinas. Go to Shroud, south of Bentbranch Meadow, to begin.

How to complete Hippity Hoppity Happily FATE

Like all FATE this works with a timer so it is possible that you will have to wait a bit before starting. When doing so, be sure to select the “Join FATE” option on the right, otherwise you will not get the necessary network to complete it, which means you will not complete the mission.

Once it starts, use the net to catch as many chickens as you can. It’s sure to be a bit complicated, as the chickens are often lost in the hands of people trying to catch them. Your best bet is to look for the blue circles and / or just run balancing your network as much as possible.

If you just want to finish the mission, every contribution counts for a little while, so you do not have to worry about how many hits.

Go back to Gridania and talk to Jihli, then share eggs wherever you want. You can repeat this task and watch a lot of scenes with important characters, so it does not matter which location you choose first.

Finally, you get the chance for Happy Hunter and the minions Hatching Rabbit.

Articles on Eclipse 2022

There are other elements to the game as well, including an emoticon, though you may need to repeat the DESTINATION several times to win Fortune Eggs. This comes to Egg Advocate at X: 10.2, Y: 9.2, and you can swap them for other seasonal rewards.

  • One egg meal a day: 9 happy eggs
  • Magic Prism – 1 lucky egg
  • Hatching Tide Mobile – 3 lucky eggs
  • Egg canvas – 3 happy eggs

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