FFXIV Fashion Report Response – April 12, 2022

Welcome to the glamorous world FFXIV mode report! This thumbnail keeps players busy with their changing weekly themes and fun opportunities to relax.

This guide will include where to find items, how to unlock minijuego, which point is best to get and some useful tips.

Of course, each week’s themes are repeated several times. This is not a system error or outdated page, so do not worry if you see it yourself. For this reason, we recommend that you follow up on which combination was the winner!

This week’s FFXIV fashion report

Every week there is a new Fashion Show, with new numbers for players to decide. In the coming weeks, it seems that the correct elements have not been discovered yet, but stay tuned here on the page and we will update it when it is!

This week’s theme: Spicy golden platillo

Main – n / a

Torso – Simply Platillo

Manos – Drop off a pen

Piernas – n / a

Pies – I “Pliegue”

Cuello – Yellow jewelry

Aber – n / a

Pendiente – n / a

Call 1 – not available

Call 2 – not available

What is the parent report?

Fashion Report in FFXIV is a weekly thumbnail that carries a theme with a name and sees players find a show that earns the largest number of points to win. The higher the score, the more MPG you will receive as compensation for consumption on Manderville Gold Saucer; this includes exclusive items such as mounts.

Honestly, the best score you can get is more than 80. The score goes up to 100, but 80 will generate the total profit. To participate, players must submit their addresses so referees can be judged after 6 p.m. 12.00 PT / 3 am ET / 7 am BST. The trial is set to end next Tuesday. Here is when the theme also resumes.

To unlock the FFXIV parent report

This minijue needs to be unlocked as it is not available from the beginning. To do this, players must complete the ‘Passion by fashion’ mission. This is located in the Wonder Square area. Will be available for players over 15 years.

Once unlocked, the theme of the weekly fashion report will be updated automatically every Tuesday.

Tips for the FFXIV Parent Report

Here we will share some tips so you can get the best possible score, with some tips.

First, it is recommended to have some kind of team in each of the available numbers, already earning seven points in the FFXIV Fashion Report, including for non-themed numbers. Without limitation, this does not include the chain of locking hands.

Another useful tip is to use ink to get more points without spending more time and effort on the needy! Changing the color of articles is much more convenient than searching for or paying for a new article. Most dyes can be found cheaply. There are dryers in the following areas:

  • Alarico – Old Gridania
  • Frine – Ishgard, Los Pilares
  • Nanabe – Ul’dah, Pasos de Thal
  • Tokohana-Hingashi, Kugane
  • Unsynrael – Limsa Lominsa Cubiertas Inferiores

Like the ink, Glamor can also help increase the points for the fashion show. These appearance-changing features can power the system to ensure that it has the correct theme and item type. Equipment is required for this and can be picked up at suppliers in Old Gridania, Ul’Dah, Steps of Thal and Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

Specifying the FFXIV Parent Report

To get the best amount of MGP, players should strive to get a score of 80 to 100 for Fashion Report. Everything after 80 does not make much difference, but once the 80 mark is reached, it is definitely a big win.

Players can win 60k MGP; 10,000 for just participating, and 50,000 for a high score of over 80. Using some of the benefits of MGP can make the total even bigger!

The punctuation is as follows; each category will earn between six and ten points for the theme properly packaged. The color of the elements is also important, so you get a bonus point: two points if the right tone is selected.

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