FF16, the sport display screen is simply too darkish, it is harmful

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Is this the primary horror recreation within the collection?

If you are prepared to indicate your canine, I believe it is best to select a map that is simple to see, or daytime as an alternative of darkish evening…
The future is vivid for Squeen.

Don’t you will have a torch or one thing?
You cannot see properly across the hero, are you able to?

Does that imply that even in such a darkish place the place it is arduous to see, the doggie will information you and let you know?
Dark fantasy certainly (laughs)

No… it is too darkish to make sense…
You’re joking, aren’t you?

The use of obscure movies for promoting is new
It appears to be FF that challenges new issues
Do you imply darkish fantasy?

No, it is too darkish…
I imply, why trouble to place out a video that buys hate…

Why do you submit one thing like this whenever you’re being criticized on the degree the place “dark” seems within the search candidates…?

I consider there are higher movies
do not make me uneasy

Is this true darkish fantasy?

bio kana

Have you made this official?

Games that require HDR are over

The battle scenes are too arduous to see because of the results, would you like customers to have their eyesight examined?

Not simply this, however why are latest video games so darkish?

Gamma worth mistake

Give me in any case

No, it simply occurred… some levels had been darkish.
If you decide it up, it could possibly’t be helped that it provides you with a darkish impression… there should be a vivid spot…

Then is not it unusual to make use of such a pitch-black place for pre-release promoting? Is FF16 okay?


FINAL FANTASY XVI (Final Fantasy 16) – PS5

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Manufacturer: Square Enix
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Release date: 2023-06-22
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