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■ From Twitter

■ Screen darkness

・The launched stage occurred to be a darkish stage at night time.
・The first accomplished stage was in that darkness

■ About QTEs

・It isn’t a QTE within the first place
・When the boss battle part shifts, the principle character chooses actions reminiscent of attacking and avoiding.
・Input reception time can be very lengthy, STE (sluggish time occasion) as an alternative of fast

The first shot brings a darkish story to the display screen

I actually care about grass

Mr. Yoshida, who solutions all of the unfavorable opinions and places me comfortable, is a god.

Look, it is a vivid display screen.

I want this video was out first.
Next, if you happen to put out a battle video in a darkish place
It would not have been so unfavorable…

If you publish one thing darkish and it is stated to be darkish, it is already a gag

Well, FF16 is darkish as a result of it was really launched a vivid and huge space! slim!I do not assume it is truthful to criticize

If you assume it can enhance
It simply occurred to be a darkish stage! ! !
Because there are different vivid levels! ! !
It’s arduous to push with

You acquired hit as a result of the darkish stage was too darkish
There’s additionally a vivid stage, is not there?

The display screen is just too darkish The reply is that it is not all darkish levels
Is it attainable to make the darkish stage just a little simpler to see?

I feel it is good that you simply answered with out working away, however in the long run the scene stays darkish and I really feel that QTE’s excuses are soaked in quibbles.

If you do not get a recreation over in the course of the occasion, you do not have to do QTE…

“Isn’t there a meaning of QTE?”
Some folks say that, however Mr. Yoshida additionally talked about the intention correctly, and the aim is to not die if the enter is mistaken, however to let the consumer select between avoiding or attacking. (Probably, do not press something → keep away from press → assault)

First of all, the QTE was attacked at a time when the format of failing like a bio = instant recreation over was fashionable.
In the case of consecutive QTEs, if you happen to failed, you needed to begin over from the start.
It’s not like that now and it is okay
Even if it is a QTE, there isn’t any drawback if it is instantly related to the realism and exhilaration of GOW.

I perceive the intent of the QTE, however I’m nonetheless frightened in regards to the darkish scenes

Every time new details about FF16 comes out, everyone seems to be pleased and unhappy relying on whether or not the display screen is vivid or darkish.

In the primary place, it appears boring that the principle character and the canine are simply doing actions.

It actually would not matter if it is darkish
The PV seems to be attention-grabbing, however the issue is that I do not need to attempt it

consider in yoshida

Everything is allowed so long as it is enjoyable

Yes, “FF16 also has a bright screen”
Is it your “losing”?
FF16 screen dark Image related to Naoki Yoshida-01

No, I’m speaking in regards to the darkish display screen being too darkish
“There are also bright stages” is not the reply, is it?
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

Husband who does chase Husband who doesn't run away Sweat

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