“FF16” half-year “PS5 exclusive” announced → Twitter’s reaction is here … It’s too cruel …

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It turns out that “Final Fantasy 16” will be a PS5 exclusive for half a year!Either get the body anyway or wait

■ From Twitter

Square Enix really wanted to make it a PS5 exclusive too…

In the first place, it was downgraded from a one-year monopoly to a six-month monopoly, so if Sony really wanted to buy a PS5, they should have kept it even if it cost extra money. If it’s about half a year, then I’ll have to wait… There are so many stupid games out this year…

It’s possible that the full version with all the additional content will be released in half a year.

“Then, should I wait half a year?”

It turned out that if it was played on a PS4 or a low-performance PC, it would lose its reputation.
I don’t think I want to release it on PS4 too much

Rather, if I wait half a year, other interesting games will come out and I won’t even buy FF

PS5 that won’t sell unless it’s an exclusive title

Rather, it’s better to hate SONY for paying money to make it an exclusive title.

More to the point, if Square Enix feels like it, they can release FF16 Cloud Edition for Switch or smartphones…

In fact, I guess Square Enix has given up on PS5.

It has nothing to do with resellers.Production just can’t keep up

Wrong. The era of dedicated game consoles is over. The PC game superior race won.

no really
I thought I’d have to wait over a year, so I wanted to get a PS5 somehow, but I can wait about half a year until the PC version comes out.

Time to give up buying PS5

You guys are silly! Just wait half a year and buy the PC version!
If you have that much time, you can buy a PS5 if you apply hard! Get a PS5 more desperately!

Don’t be silly, yeah, you’re making fun of the PS5! If you want to play FF16, what is PS5?
While you guys are waiting for half a year, I’ll play the best FF16 on PS5!

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion -PS4

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