[Fetal movement]The new work of “Labyrinth of the World Tree” commented that the developer “still takes time” There remains to be hope Boukensher! !

It will nonetheless take a while to create a brand new ‘Labyrinth of the World Tree’-the developer mentions the longer term prospects, and there are additionally feedback that really feel the chance


According to the article

・In the Sekaiju remastered program, there was a piece introducing feedback from the builders.

・First of all, the remark“It looks like it will take some time to create a new world tree labyrinth.”It began with a reference to a “completely new work” that followers can be involved in.

·proceed”In the process of repeated research, this remaster was created with the concept of wanting people to play the original trilogy that can no longer be played on current consoles.He explained the background behind the development of “Labyrinth of the World Tree I/II/III HD Remaster”.

・”Although the play style has changed significantly from the two-screen DS, we have also prepared specifications for those who want to enjoy hand-drawn maps,” he stated, making it in a means that doesn’t spoil the present allure. I used to be capable of see that.

[Main specifications of the remastered version]
– Enhanced graphics and UI.
・BGM is all remastered with PC88 sound supply.
・The look of occasion members may be freely chosen no matter their occupation.
・Added 1 new illustration for every occupation, complete 24 varieties for 3 titles.
– There are 3 ranges of problem: “Picnic”, “Basic” and “Expert”.
– In handheld mode, contact mapping. You can draw with button operation in TV mode and desk mode.
・Equipped with an auto-mapping perform.
・”III” Great Voyage Quest helps on-line play.
・Increase the variety of save slots to 9.
・During battle, you possibly can verify the occasion’s strengthened/weakened state in a listing.
-Added a “dictionary function” that lets you see enemy info throughout battle.
・The title and look of the character may be modified at any time on the facility.
・The battle music for the sixth flooring of “III” is a brand new tune. According to Mr. Yuzo Koshiro, “Hard rock with a sense of urgency unique to Sekaiju, a must-have for headbanging.”

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