Female otaku-san “Reproduced junior high school girls doing XX” ← The quality is so high that it’s 140,000 likes

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Images related to Halloween cosplay Animate junior high school girls fujoshi sober frilly otaku BL-02

Images related to Halloween Cosplay Animate Animate Junior High School Girls Fujoshi Plain Furifuri Otaku BL-03

stop it

wwwwwwww for my sister

Something about 2015 Aniota girls junior high school feeling It’s really real lol

I was really about to speak out… about 2010 or so…
I almost died from the contents of the strap
Nostalgia, embarrassment, desire to die, and emotions that I don’t really understand are mixed…

The finger condition of the peace is wonderful w

Dressed up like this and having nothing but BL manga, I was hyped

I know your hair is strangely smooth

I don’t want to be old wounded

You look so much alike that you could mistake someone for an acquaintance

It’s too obvious that you’re wearing a little mass-produced frilly wwwwwww

Sweet potato feeling is perfect

It’s too hard for me

I’m serious, people who look like this
reproducibility is too high
Husband who does and doesn't do white eyes surprise

I saw about 5 people in Ikebukuro yesterday
Husband who does not think

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