Female otaku is a melodrama character “Dream girls choose 100 people in 2022” questionnaire, a ridiculous character is available in first place! → That sport character was convincing wwwww

“100 people in 2022 chosen by dream girls” TOP 10

1. Chili (Pokémon SV)

2. Heshikiri Hasebe (Touken Ranbu)

3. Natsuyu Jie (Magic Round Battle)

4. Satoru Gojou (Magic Round Battle)
5. Pepper (Pokémon SV)
6. Trafalgar Law (ONE PIECE)
7. Buzen River (Touken Ranbu)
8. Hyakunosuke Ogata (Golden Kamuy)
9. Motoi Tsukishima (Golden Kamuy)
10. Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Touken Ranbu)

11. Tomoya Serizawa (The Sparrow’s Door Locker)
12. Yamatorige (Touken Ranbu ONLINE)
13. Rei Furuya (Detective Conan)
14. Mammon (Obey Me!)
15. Sasanuki (Touken Ranbu ONLINE)

Comment on 1st place, Chiri-chan

・Everything is fantastic.
Cute and funky within the Kansai dialect and funky
Say one thing like “It’s Chili-chan”
carrying black gloves
There isn’t any selection however to fall like that.
I’m going to fall in love with toddlers all around the nation.
・A ridiculous lady who made me purchase Pokemon though I did not really feel like shopping for it.
At first look, I believed he was a good-looking Kansai dialect man
While watching fan artwork and movies, I used to be pushed loopy by a lady
Before I knew it, I used to be shopping for Pokemon.
She’s an outrageous character who made me a dream lady for the primary time.
I actually adore it.
・Among all of the folks I’ve met to this point, he is the center striker.

Pokemon Violet -Switch
4.5 out of 5 stars

Pokemon Scarlet -Switch
4.5 out of 5 stars

Touken Ranbu Musou -Switch
4.5 out of 5 stars

Reactions to this text

chili is aware of
You have a pleasant and funky persona

Chiri-chan is essentially the most good-looking of the SVs.

The sparrow’s door lock is definitely that
It’s like my good friend, Mr. Glasses, had one.

But it like this, Touken Ranbu is powerful
I do know that Touken Ranbu Musou offered effectively

Because a good-looking lady is the final word physique of a lady’s superb
If you’ve the suitable situations and proclivities, you will develop into extra in style than males
There are many ladies who like ladies

I believe Pepper-kyun can also be in style with males.

Sword defend was in style in Kibana
I’m holding down factors when making Pokemon characters


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