Fans of the Harry Potter unique play the brand new sport “Hogwarts Legacy” and are shocked, saying, “There is no ◯◯◯! It’s impossible!” → The unique Hogwarts was too hell wwwwww

Because Hogwarts Legacy,

To the switch pupil who all of the sudden entered as a fifth grader
“What is this guy who was born in a frontier, whose blood is unknown, what are you doing now?”
“I don’t think I can keep up with studying from now on.”
The man who makes sarcastic remarks like that!

Not the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I do know!!

(within the unique)
Somewhere within the hallway is sort of all the time exploding or coated in shit (numerous components of Volumes 1-7)

Muggle-born remedy in Slytherin (Half-Blood Prince)

And after I thought I used to be excited final yr
A classmate who returns shortly (Harry after the key room. Whenever there’s something)

A derogatory phrase known as “defiled blood” that’s typically used with out hesitation.

Original Harry Potter voice actors Kensho Ono and Natsuki Hanae
“Hogwarts Legacy” play-by-play video launched

Hogwarts Legacy[Reservation Bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff Vehicle & Magic Potion “Felix Felicis” Recipe Included – PS5
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Hogwarts Legacy No Pre-Order Bonus – PS5
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Hogwarts Legacy[Reservation Bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff Vehicle & Magic Potion “Felix Felicis” Recipe Included – PS4
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Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition[Pre-order bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff automobile & recipe for the magic potion “Felix Felicis” included[Limited Edition Bundle]DLC Dark Magic Pack (Dark Magic Ornament Set & Dark Magic Battle Arena & Thestral Vehicle)[ Exclusive]DLC “Astronomer’s Hat” Delivery-PS4
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The British facet of the darkish facet
It can be that world that may come out properly…

Even different dormitories apart from Slytherin
Hogwarts has lots of people who say unhealthy issues about it…

After all authorized Avada is great
After 1717

I wanted Malfoy…

There’s no cause to say that to a man who can legally play idiots alone

I can not deny the likelihood that the folks round Harry have been too low.
After all, he is probably the most well-known particular person within the wizarding world, so it is easy for strangers to method him.

Isn’t the world view of Hiroshi Takahashi’s “Close”?


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