Fanático de Warzone demands the return of MTL clásicos

The Limited Time Modes (LTM) in Warzone give players a fun alternative to the standard action dose of Battle Royale. Desde el ritmo más rápido de Plunder to a more competitive offer in the form of Titanium Trials Endurance, los LTM means there is something for everyone.

With the release of Season 5 on the horizon, the focus is slowly turning to the release of Warzone 2. Sin Embargo, there is still one more season left of the Pacific Era, and many are hoping that Raven Software can end it on a high note.

In an effort to improve the offering, one player suggests that the developer should restore the popular LTMs that often disappear in favor of other modes.

El jugador de Warzone wants more LTM

Before the first chapter of the release of Warzone, the user of Reddit «spiders-on-mars» asks Raven Software to restore a number of different mods. Algunos modos resaltan categories of weapons underestimated, while others give players a goal to complete instead of being the last one standing at the end of a party. «Puedes traer de vuelta estos modos solo una vez antes de que Warzone 2 caiga?» ask the user.

The username Payload, King Slayer Trios, Mini Royale and Shottys and Snipers junto con muchas razones por las que derivan aparecer en Caldera y Fortune’s Keep. Many commentators agree, one confirming that «King Slayer Trios is the best», while another says that it is «a big admirer of Mini Royale» thanks to its fast rhythm.

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In addition to the old LTMs returning, players also asked for a mode centered around Modern Warfare’s weapons before the launch of Modern Warfare 2 as a compromise with Verdansk’s return.

Raven Software is a menu that provides commentary for gamers and it is an option for LTM popular options before Warzone 2 ended at this time. Mini Royale en Fortune’s Keep is very different.

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To get more information, se nuestra guide que contiene toda la information sobre el próximo evento de doble XP de Warzone.

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