Famous handsome actor Mackenyu Nitta hides his true identity and participates in Akihabara’s Pokéka Tournament where there are only strong players → The result is outrageous wwwwww

Arriving in Akihabara privately, Mackenyu Nitta shows off his serious strength at the Pokéka Tournament (published on October 12, 2022) – GIGAZINE


According to the article

The popular handsome actor Mackenyu Nitta (25 years old) casually visits a Pokemon card specialty store in Akihabara on a weekday evening and participates in a pokemon battle tournament.

His real name remained undisclosed, and his player name was “Lian’s Papa”.

“Rian’s Papa” brilliantly wins the Pokéka Tournament where fierce men gather and wins!

When the sponsoring store’s Twitter announced the victory of “Rian’s Papa”, he forgot that he was incognito and retweeted on his own Twitter, saying, “My first tournament was fun!” 》And posted with a photo of the card with a smiley emoji. In no time, it became a hot topic on SNS.

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