Famous cartoonist “I wrote a satirical cartoon titled “10 questions for those who attack the Unification Church” → Highly acclaimed on Twitter “I want you to answer by all means lol”

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Famous cartoonist “I wrote a satirical cartoon about how strange the “people who hit the Unification Church” are rave reviews on Twitter

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Unification Church Squid Rock Criticism Liberal Democratic Party Shinzo Abe Cult Soka Gakkai Ruling Party

I would like you to answer this seriously.
I’m very interested in how the logic develops.

i think it’s an important question

Zuboshi and…

I want to know more about who went mad

I haven’t seen many politicians or intellectuals who clearly answered these questions.

To be honest, I think they’re just people who want to punch someone who has a reason to attack.

“Troublesome person” is written in unreadable characters, so it’s okay (laughs)

I guess this is because they want to stop the flow of criticism against the Unification Church and weaken it.
I agree with the opinion that “it’s not just the Unification Church, it’s also a problem for other groups, so let’s deal with it.”

If you ask even one of these questions, you’re in trouble!It’s funny because it comes back

Picture-perfect overkill

The question itself is based on the simple belief that there is a value-neutral standard. There is no such thing.

They want to attack the Liberal Democratic Party, not the Unification Church, so the Unification Church is an excuse.

When the people concerned saw this cartoon, their reaction would be “Since he’s defending the Unification Church so much, he must be a believer.”
Of course I don’t read any questions

It’s a sketchy illustration.I totally understand if you go crazy about this

Let alone a fireball, a volcanic bullet A super-fastball straight shoots grass

The person who is calling the pot seems to go crazy w

Almost all issues are covered here

Most of the people making noise are old media addicts and political apathy

For those who think that the Unification Church is disbanded, check it out. I believe that the job of the Diet is to make written rules.

If it is an organization that is universally problematic, why have you neglected it until now? The mass media that just make a fuss when something happens and don’t even wipe their ass is always like this.
Also, even if both the ruling and opposition parties are involved with such an organization, why don’t you just slap the ruling party (LDP)? and personally.

I think the answer will be divided between people like me who disliked new religions from the beginning and people who got into it after being beaten.
The latter is sophistical.

It’s not that I want to defend the Unification Church,
“The Unification Church side can prepare at least this much counterargument, but is it okay if they can’t refute this?”

Unfortunately, there are still no satisfactory answers to these questions.

Unfortunately, this is all[sophistry].
It’s troublesome, so answer 1-3
1. It’s not a known fact
2. That person is also doing a parking violation.
3. I’m very much in favor of the anti-corruption law, and there are a certain number of people who say so.Stop using straw doll reasoning

Anyone who sees this and says “advocate” ignores question #4.
If you want to hit the Unification Church, you will hit not only the Liberal Democratic Party but also the opposition party and mass garbage. usually.

I’m afraid some people will take this as a defense…

Because the purpose is clear.
Both Pomeran and Dubsta mislead the weak without hesitation.
Even if you refute one by one with the right argument, you can’t win because it won’t reach the voters widely.

Masaki Kito Yoshio Arita Shoko Egawa Eight Suzuki
“Are Nani Itteru Kasappari Wakarimasen”

It doesn’t matter what position the person is in. It may apply to the left wing bashing, but I think the anti-LDP right wing is justified. You can tell the line between cults by looking at the doctrine and whether or not anti-social activities are right.

It’s a tough decision
It’s not that all the critics opposed the application of the Aum anti-corruption law, but that they turned a blind eye to the relationship between the opposition party and the Unification Church.
In the end, this person is also standing in a specific position and is only arguing against a specific person (the opponent who falls under the category)

I don’t know of any article that summarizes in such detail the contradictions that have erupted since the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe.
The more you answer, the more you will realize your shallowness and go insane.

Dried squid: “I’ll tell you, any opinion that doesn’t agree with me is ‘crazy’.”
Dried squid believer “That’s right.”

Come on, cult guys…

I just want to take a step and mount it.
Also, if you don’t say 00, 00 is too much.
Such a question is not worth asking. It’s a speech that seems to be on the net, and it’s a useless story for people who have free time.

like this
Why are you XX when you should be ○○?
Mind control to try to make people who are watching from the side think “Ah, those people are doing XX” by making the question of the premise that they are doing XX It’s called

The current turmoil is not the anti-unification church, but the anti-ruling party flow. I finally understand. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to hit the ruling party.

When I say this, many people get angry and say, “Are you on the side of a cult?” But that’s a completely different story.

Regardless of political preferences or religious likes and dislikes
I donated over 100 million yen to the church and my son is a terrorist.
What is it that makes you want to be saved?

This manga red is also a brainwashing work account of the pot. Somehow, I’m saying the same thing as Ruri Tsubo and other commentators who defend the tsubo.
There must be a lot of people who are being brainwashed by brainwashing information flowing in various places in society.

Hmm… I see… I see…

I didn’t really understand because the letters were a little too tight and hard to read.


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