Famitsu drives down total Xbox sales in Japan over the past 20 years

Famitsu celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the launch of Xbox in Japan, and in its number one Weekly familiarization this week, figures for the console’s total sales in Japan since its first arrival in Nippon were released. The numbers don’t, after all, include the final numbers related to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but give us a rather peculiar perspective on Japan’s relationship with the Microsoft console, an exception to the fact that we get rarely total numbers.

In total, the first Xbox sold 472,992 units in Japan; the Xbox 360 registers the highest number, with 1,616,128 units, and the Xbox One currently the brand’s lowest in Japan, with a total of 114,831 units sold in the console’s useful life. So far, the Xbox Series X and S have sold 142,024 units in Japan, but it’s worth noting that these consoles haven’t completed their cycle yet and their launch has been plagued with data issues. exhaust.

However, it is significant that the new generation of Xbox has already exceeded the total sales of Xbox One in Japan.

We also provide some numbers regarding titles. The best-selling game in Xbox history in Japan is Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox), selling 271,149 copies, followed by Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope (Xbox 360), selling 208,521 copies, and Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360), which sold 204,305 copies.

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