Family of Activision Blizzard employee who killed himself on a business trip sued the company

Activision Blizzard has been found guilty in the brutal death of the employee who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted.

I like and how to inform the the wall street journalThe family of Kerri Moynihan, the Blizzard employee found dead during a business trip in 2017, says the victim’s sexual assault was a key factor in her suicide.

Moynihan’s death was one of many incidents in which reference was made to the indictment from the State of California last yearwho accused the company of a toxic work environment, accusation and sexual assault in the work environment, and racial and gender discrimination.

The lawsuit filed by the State of California explicitly stated that several male Activision Blizzard employees had allegedly sent a photograph of Moynihan’s vulva in the days leading up to her suicide, and referred to a “male supervisor” who allegedly sexually abused for traveling.

According to the new allegation, this supervisor had a sexual relationship with the victim, considered the nature of his relationship with the police officers investigating the case and withheld evidence of his relationship after the suicide.

The lawsuit also alleges that Activision Blizzard refused to turn over Moynihan’s company computer to police after the incident, borrowed data from his cellphone, and refused to give investigators access to his laptop and to his personal laptop.

In a press release to The Wall Street Journal in response to the allegations, Activision Blizzard declined to speak directly to the allegations, noting only that “they are deeply implicated in the death of Moyinhan, who was a valued member of the company.”

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