Fall Guys is adding crossplay to its new park

The new Fall Guys update adds to the expected crossplay feature.

In an article published in Mediatonic website confirms that the Fall Guys seasonal update will include “one of the most anticipated features”. It’s the ability for PC and PlayStation gamers to play together, which has become possible through the use of Epic Online Services technology.

“Now you can hang out with friends and enjoy any of our Fall Guys playlists, from Squads to Two, Main Show and more.”

“As long as you and your friends have linked your Epic stories to Fall Guys, you can play them together using the ‘Invite Players’ feature. Don’t worry if you and others haven’t all linked the accounts, it there will be a notice to download them”.

Along with talking about this feature, the post also briefly talked about ports for Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Mediatonic acknowledged that they are still not ready, but that “we are finishing development, and even if we won’t arrive with this update, follow the path”.

“So far, we are very happy to enable this feature for our existing platforms as a first step.”

The park, now available on PlayStation and PC, also adds “a new game mode called Sweet Thieves, as well as a series of bug fixes.”

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