[Extremely dangerous]Large-scale yellow sand flying from China to Japan, “pollen explosion” wherein particles collide with pollen and scatter, exacerbating impact 10 instances “Wear a non-woven mask and refrain from exposing your skin”

Beware of large-scale yellow sand “pollen explosion” Exacerbation impact 10 instances

According to the article

・Yellow sand was noticed over a large space from Hokkaido to Kyushu on the twelfth.

・ Regarding the reason for this large-scale yellow mud, Professor Teruya Maki of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University, mentioned, “The overhang of the excessive strain system that blocks the westerly wind prior to now few years has weakened as a result of drop in temperature over the previous few days, and it has reached Japan as it’s. I mentioned.

・What are the traits of yellow sand that flies over Japan? According to Mr. Maki, there are instances the place chemical substances equivalent to sulfur and nitric acid, that are pollution in coastal areas of China, are hooked up.Health hazards equivalent to irritation when getting into the bronchican also be conceivable.

・Furthermore, consideration should be paid to “double damage” with pollen.Pollen explodes when pollen collides with yellow sand within the air, inflicting a “pollen explosion” wherein the wonderful particles inside scatter.Smaller particles can penetrate deeper into the physique.

・In addition to the yellow sand that has sulfur and sulfuric acid adhering to it inflicting allergic signs, mineral substances can injury the physique, and pollen and mould can enter the injuries and trigger an inflammatory response.Mr. Maki“When kosa with mineral particles, mold, and pollen adheres to the body, it causes a 10-fold exacerbation effect.”and sounded the alarm,“I want you to take thorough measures such as wearing a non-woven mask and wearing clothes that limit the exposure of your skin as much as possible.”I’m calling.

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