Extra Vanguard should make the screen come up

Despite the best efforts of the developer of the Vanguard Sledgehammer Games, players continue to experiment with a variety of bugs and pitfalls that break the game into multiplayer mode.

As Season 2 Reloaded draws to a close and attention has begun to focus on the launch of Season 3, many hope the developer can improve the game to the point that his cycle reaches the middle of the road. With an experimental playlist already suggesting important changes to the horizon, next season could be the most important.

As many hopes for better are on the way, some players encounter a bug that causes all their screens to open.

Vanguard screen voltage error

During an arms race party, Reddit user ‘UrNutCracko’ decided to move towards a motto in calls. The engine exploded, and instead of dedicating the player to the nearest area, the sky moved to the right and the floor to the left.

Although the screen is relatively easy, the player continues the party with a whole new perspective on the action. Some players were quick to point out that this issue had appeared in previous Call of Duty titles, and Black Ops Cold War users experimented with the issue in Zombies.

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How to adjust the Vanguard screen change

Although there is no sign that an official solution will appear on the field, players have found a way to break the screen to normal. Simply get in and out of a nearby vehicle and its screen will be the sky where it should be.

Given the seriousness of the problem, it is very likely that Sledgehammer Games is working to ensure that the problem does not affect players during a game.

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