Experience GLOUD, the subscription-based gaming service

Gloud, the Netflix video game is here

Some time ago Electronic Arts came in and said that it is working on offering a streaming game service with a subscription, similar to what we have with Netflix for series or movies, today we have topped with Gloud, an innovative platform that offers this payment service with the ability to play from a PC that can play a video in 720p at 30 fps, and with the minimum requirement for an Internet connection of only 6MB.

Minimum requirements

• Operating system: Windows 7 32 bit or later.

CPU: AMD FX or better. Intel Core Duo or superior.

• RAM memory: 2 GB

• Hard disk space: 100mb

• Graphics cards: AMD, intel or Nvidia. Able to provide a resolution of 1280 × 720 at 32 bpp (bit by pixel).


Gloud is not the first to offer this type of service, we have already reached Gaikai, OnLive or the latest PS Now, but it did not end up worrying because the experience in many regions was not satisfactory.

What Gloud plants is something that gives it an advantage over other services with these features and it is theirs data centers is located within the territory of the assisted countries, so that the technical advantage is unique. Currently the service is located in beta phase limited to invitationsand the system still has one reduced game catalogbesides being full of gaming experience.

With respect to its current catalog, Gloud allows you to play Guilty Gear Xrd rev2, Metro 2033 Redux and Grid Autosport, among several other indies, part of the Batman Arkham saga and Saints Row IV.

According to some users who have been able to try the service, the gameplay is fully responsive in any of the mentioned titles, and considering that everything moves to 30 frames per second, we have an existing delay of only 33 thousand seconds, so with gamepad as with keyboard and mouse, which makes the gaming experience very satisfying.


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This experience will make you understand that data centers are equipped with some high quality equipment and that all the titles in the catalog are PC installations without any modification, rather than limiting the advanced graphical configurations to avoid unnecessary clutter. In addition, the loading times for each game are very good, superior to any console, and do not experiment with shots or breaks that may affect the experience.

Another of the special features of these data centers is that they capture the games in each game, for each user, individually, so you can continue your games on the team you want at any time. The system also offers one menu overlay, as well as major distribution customers such as Steam. Origin or uPlay, but you have the problem of having to use the keyboard for it. The menu allows us to switch games immediately, also offers information about the controls, internet speed test and the speed of the network system to which we are connected.

Not everything could be good and it is that there is currently no option to play online the titles that offer that feature, but it is hoped that this feature will be added soon. There is no doubt about what looks good, just to see that the catalog gets big and good, as well as the price.

For those interested in receiving an invitation to the Gloud beta and being able to try the service, simply register on its official website and wait for them to access it.

At the moment, no launch date has been announced, but new games are already being added to the catalog, giving it a feeling that it should not be delayed too much.

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