examination of the body of the machine

Algunos jugadores han tenido problems en el prologue of tutorial de flechas. Estamos aquí para ayudarlo a discovery cómo hacer progresar su nombre cuando se trata de examinando la carcasa de la machine en Horizon Forbidden West.

Examinando la carcasa de la machine en Horizon Forbidden West

At the beginning of Horizon Forbidden West, during the search for Reach for the Stars, you will come across the corpse of a machine filled with arrows. Debe examiner el cadaver for commensar el tutorial for hacer flechas. Ha habido cierta confusión en torno a esto y algunos informer de errors que blockean la progresión del player.

Con dos pruebas, no parece que se treat a real error. The indicator of the interaction is unstable, but there are no problems with seeing the mouse in the fight. This is where we were when the opportunity to examine the body of the machine arose:

Carcasa de la máquina Horizon Forbidden West

Another possible explanation is that the players are in a hurry to reach the destination before Varl. Sin Varl y parado en casi exactana el mesmo place, el Examine Machine Carcass de interaction parpadearía y en realidad no registraría que se pressina el triangle.

That said, players shouldn’t encounter an actual bug, just a small interaction notification that behaves strangely. Sin embargo, since this is the beginning of the game, there is an easy option to restart from a new archive. The game also goes a little crazy with the automatic guards, so you can easily reload from a bit before this to try again if there’s a real problem.

Here’s everything you need to know examinando la carcasa de la machine en Horizon Forbidden West.

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