Evil Genius 2 – List of shooting levels

List of drain levels


Of course, this guide will be adjusted more advanced, but so far here is my list of personal levels.

Handmaids are divided into three different types: Muscle, Envy and Science. Without restrictions, this does not mean that muscular muscles always cause the most damage. In many ways, its type does not mean much in absolute numbers.

Level S


Powerful distance fighter who can use his camera to summon all your guards in any part of the map, and his ability to control allows him to tan even the strongest enemies.

Dra. Magnolia Ming

A robust fighter who does a decent damage, his true self gives his two abilities. Cure that heals extremely fast (and also heals enemies, so colócalo in your back line) And my personal favorite … Contagio. The infection will end with all the enemy squadrons, and the enemy will react. Injure a large damage and also burn throughout the duration. It will hurt the enemies, so hold them in the grip of their enemies. Both effects will seek active goals and will have great potential.

and level

señor daniel

Avoid high damage distances that can split most enemies. can loosen, reduce the speed of a turtle step and inflict massive damage on its next attack. It also allows you to escape certain death. His second ability is to establish a trap for people who do not appear to be able to disarm. It will take some damage, but it will almost instantly drown a group of enemies of its abilities, preparing them to capture them and capture them in their place.


Windwalk allows you to teleport to any location, providing a quick response to any incident. Beyond that, his second ability makes him almost invincible in a fight. It’s great on almost any occasion.

Level B

This is just to illustrate the bad the other two are and for when to test with the others.

Level C

janet bomba

I was unlucky enough to take it as my first step. A little while ago I had very little health and it hurts. Its ability to code test eliminates the suspicion of a single enemy, and Remote Detonation inflicts decent damage on a single lens at medium speed. None of this is particularly helpful except in specific situations. The only advantage of remote detonation is that it does not start the fight.

Death level

carl cafard

Inflate literally 5 injuries per. kind. He has a middle class health and his skills are ‘out of combat’ skills. You can place an earth mine that I have never seen explored. I refer to the fact that whole groups of enemies are simply approaching them. Agents also seem to ignore it. Absolutely nothing is being done. You can also make a fake paint so that it wears on the tiles. It takes it, of course, but it will also rob you of gold. The fake strong box is a better alternative.

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