Evil Genius 2 – How to get your own museum rewards

Everything you need to know to succeed Your own museum.

Your own performance guide in the museum

Opening information

Note: at the moment with errors, you can not get the chance. Assume that Sands of Time, A Million Bees and Pandora’s Box are not recorded on the statistics page. Publish the guia independently of how to deberia give credit a time that the solutions ***

This guide tells you when and how to get the 31 buttons that we all have access to. I have none of the pre-ordered button elements or DLC, so I do not list any of them in my guide.

General rules

  • Set up a criminal network everywhere. All button items have an area that needs to be unlocked to be displayed.
  • Always hold down every secondary story on the button before proceeding to the main story. Most of them disappear if the story progresses too much.
  • You can not do this and pick up all the runners in the same race. This is what you need Eli for an early start, but one of the more advanced recruits requires that you do not have Eli.

Chapter 2 Botín

Depending on who is playing, Chapter 2 has the following titles:

  • Emma – Mancuniana Candidates
  • Maximillian – The traditional method
  • Red Ivan – Prevai main club
  • Zalika – perfect tone

High in the pig (flying pig)

  • No special requirements

Meteorito No, ella vengo (Meteorito)

  • Has more than 15 scientists

Jarabe (jarabe de arce dispenser)

  • You must have a criminal network established in Canada.

The king of a time and of the future (The sword in the rock)

  • Atomic olga must exist. Increase the heat in the HAMMER to make it look.

PATRIOTA Profits (Declaration of Independence)

  • Agent X must exist. Turn up the heat on the PATRIOT to make it look

Chapter 4 Botín

Chapter 4 has the same title regardless of who it is played with:

A moment of calm

Con libertad y justicia para ti (Antorcha de la statatua de la libertad)

  • You must have Eli as one of your followers

Yendo against the current (sun of time)

  • No special requirements

Chapter 7 Botín

Depending on who is playing, Chapter 7 has the following titles:

  • Emma – Tourist season
  • Maximillian – Tan roto como mi corazón
  • Ivan Rojo – War and PAZ
  • Zalika – Proof barely alive

Hearts and minds master (Cupid’s arrow)

  • Get a successful desert survey. Disable your EGTV and finally start disabling

Philosophers of the stone (stone of meditation)

  • Has more than 15 marcial artists
  • It has Jubei as one of your followers.

The world is warm enough (Call of Promise)

  • Let something in your base burn (Fire, Save Ivan’s HAVOK or saboteurs, everything works)
  • You can get this or Hubbard Slice (button in Chapter 9). You only need 1 of them

Chapter 8 Botín

Depending on who is playing, Chapter 8 has the following titles:

  • Emma – YOLT
  • Maximiliano – MIDAS Touch
  • Iván Rojo – Cadáver de PAZ
  • Zalika – Brain Escape

Anyone strong in a storm (Fort Knox Doors)

  • Implement appropriate heat reduction schemes (can be around 50, many do)
  • Possibly available before, in Chapter 7
  • * not tested * Read that Northern SABER is the only one needed to reduce the heat in

Chapter 9 Botín

Chapter 9 has the same title regardless of who it is played with:

One moment of breathing

Egg search (giant egg)

  • Has more than 10 biologists

Keep calm and carrion (Flor de carroña)

  • Complete parallel story “Who hunts the hunter?”

Outback Stakeout (Barbecue Bush Tuck)

  • Spin Doctor’s website is unlocked

Pharaoh is ugly, ugly is Pharaoh (the sarcophagus)

  • Minion biologist unlocked

Remove the red carpet (magic carpet)

  • No special requirements

In my name (Rumpelstiltskin-wheel)

  • Get more than 300k gold in hand (less for easier difficulties)

Them Bones (The oldest bones in the world)

  • Has more than 20 biologists

Capturing 40 stones (Arabic knives)

  • Complete parallel story “The terrible symmetry”

Hot Demas (Hubbards rebanada)

  • Minion biologist unlocked
  • You can get this Flame of Prometheus (button in Chapter 7). You only need 1 of them

Two Ways (Dr. Jekyll’s Group)

  • Search Hitman unlocked

Despair before you Dodo (Dodo Educator)

  • Minion biologist unlocked

Chapter 12 Botín

Depending on who is playing, Chapter 12 has the following titles:

  • Emma – Like a stone tram
  • Maximiliano – Trap D’Or
  • Save Ivan – Abuja’s work
  • Zalika – Trampa for tourists

Gemas ocultas (Colombian emerald)

  • No special requirements

How to get a head in life (Head of Easter Island)

  • No special requirements

One in a bee-lion

  • No special requirements

Sweet Charity (the world’s largest banknote)

  • No special requirements

Chapter 14 Botín

Chapter 14 has the same title regardless of who it plays with:

A moment of preparation

Outta Time

  • It has more than 10 quantitative chemicals

Out of the box (Pandora’s box)

  • No special requirements

Reign Of Terra

  • Clara Jones recruited. You can only recruit Clara or Carl

Roswell that ends well (radius gun dispenser)

Twinkle Twinkle Little TSAR (Tsar Bomb)

  • Has more than 40 techniques

What is mine is mine (King Solomon’s mines)

  • Damaged demolition ball

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