Evil Genius 2 – How to Get Full Metal Jackie (Step by Step)

Want to take this step but have no idea how? This is the final step by step.

Guide to Getting Full Metal Jackie


Considering that the FMJ search bar is the route, but the problem is not the desencadenantes of the search, it is once again precisely the thing that has been much criticized in this game: lack of information or sometimes just a description that is blatantly false about how things work. . This is what I did to capture this secret always hidden.

Smaller spoilers continued, supongo.


Step 1

Start a new game.

Yes, it is likely that in your current custody you have completed some secondary missions that will prevent Jackie’s mission from appearing in the first place. Do not tell her this or why it happened, it will simply never happen.

Step 2

Choose Iris (Recruit your computer) or Janet Bombe (Recruit the fanatic) as your first step. He did not raise Jubei or Eli to weigh his first level.

Step 3

Continue in the game until you unlock Quantum Chemists. Before you reach this point, you will unlock secondary missions for Dr. Magnolia Ming (Going Green) and Sir Daniel (Who is hunting the hunter?). You also do not want to touch on these missions, these are the other two first level steps that you need to leave for a while.

Stage 4

Once Quantum Chemists has been unlocked, the Full Metal Jackie search should appear. It’s called Heavy Metal Queen. Perform the search.

Step 5

The next unlocked mission is called Carrera armamentista, he said. When it comes to the point where the goal is “Kill Jackie or convert it”, just score. She will escape your safety in every way. When you are done, the mission will be completed and you will unlock DOS new secondary missions.

Step 6

Dieciocho’s secondary mission begins with a bullet. This is important, do not start the second secondary mission that is generated, the secondary mission will kill Jackie instead of capturing her. Finish this mission ridiculously long.

Step 7

Lucro! Now you should have unlocked Full Metal Jackie as a backup. You can now go on to search for all the other first level steps you need to go through so far.

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