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April 7, 2022: Updated to include information on the latest Shiba Inu AMA and other developer reviews.

When the SHIB team first announced the Shiba Inu game in November 2021, it snatched the titles in a wave of emotion.

By combining with many other new NFT games that will be launched in the future, the Shiba Inu game will further expand the Shiba Inu ecosystem and unite projects like Shiberse Metaverse.

Since the announcement, we have received constant streams of information about SHIB games. We have gathered all the information we know so far, so keep reading to enjoy everything you need about Shiba Inu games.

What is the Shiba Inu Game?

The Shiba Inu game is in fact two games, divided into a classic mobile game and an NFT game that will use Shiboshi NFT.

The mobile game was developed by Playside Studios and William Volk and is designed to appeal to more casual gamers. Contrast with purchases in the application. The blockchain version of the game will add more value to Shiboshi’s NFTs and include game elements to win.

Without a doubt, we’re still not quite sure what the other game differences are between the games. Most of the information available about the games does not distinguish between the two. As such, the following information may refer to the mobile game, the game to win or both.

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Playability in Shiba Inu

We have not seen any Shiba Inu games yet, but developer William Volk assured the AMA in February that it will not be a simple clone of other card games.

Shiba Inu Game will be a multiplayer trading card game with 1000 SHIB-inspired cards. As pointed out by SHIB project manager Shytoshi Kusama, this will include a special card based on SHIB founder Ryoshi. It is hoped that the maps will provide more reference to the Shiba ecosystem.

In Pizza Shiboshi designs seen by Planet Crypto, the design of these cards, which is not a finished product, will give each card an attack and defense statistic along with a unique ability.

Card games will be gradually revealed as far back as 2022.

Shiba Discord moderator Queenie says in the latest AMA that the cards “pay homage to the iconic games of the past and keep pace with our legacy of memes.”

According to Shytoshi, players do not need a Shiboshi NFT to participate. “You don’t need an NFT to play,” he said. “It will be more flexible, including having a card.”

We will keep this section updated as we get more information about the specific features and the game.

Shiba Inu game launch date

According to PlaySide Studios, the Shiba Inu game will be launched in the first quarter of fiscal year 23. According to the Australian fiscal year, this means we could expect the SHIB game to be launched between July and September 2022.

PlaySide also said it would work on the Shiba Inu game “during the 8-month period of the agreement.” If this started in December, I could suggest that the launch date of July 2022 is the most likely date.

Without limitations, as happens with many games, there is the possibility of a slightly delayed launch. At the AMA in February, Queenie said the game will launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 or earlier. This coincides with the release of Shytoshi Kusama on Discord, where he says he is “looking forward to the fourth quarter.”

Shiba Inu Burn game

With players like Bricks Buster claiming millions of SHIBs every month through ad revenue, ShibArmy members expect the upcoming SHIB game to feature some ingenious techniques.

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Without restrictions, no official shooting mechanisms for the game have yet been announced. In fact, Shytoshi has said that all upcoming SHIB projects will include some form of recording support in addition to the game.

We are not quite sure what is the reason for the lack of exercises related to SHIB games, but we hope that more information will come soon.

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