Everhood – The Guide to the Infinite Corridor

In Midnight Town, in Green Mage’s house (the best character by far), inside the hall, further away from the game room, there is a hallway that Green Mage describes as “almost infinite.” What would you really think is a number where there is a secret in the end? None. Just pain. No doubt this is the most demanding of all achievements. Oh, but there are odds of that. The pain is barely worth it.

Guide to the Infinite Corridor

What are you doing (gross mathematics)?

Each time takes between 8 and 10 seconds to pass while being pushed out (pulsating an arrow key twice). From what I have collected, with this reddit publication that I read and other tracks in the game, there are approximately 900 to 1000 runners. Multiply the average time (9 seconds) by the maximum number of runners you get about 150 minutes, that is, two and a half hours to run to the end.

In the midst of this hell, there are obstacles in your path that will overwhelm your intelligence and question your heart. So to leave your idea of ​​sticking the arrowhead with tape in the trash, this is a little ♥♥♥♥ in what you have. Not only that, but it also means that our estimate of about 9 seconds to cross a corridor is false and that it takes precious time to move around on a rock.

Along with the obstacles, there are three signs that I encountered while writing. (I still have not beaten the obstacles). These also run out of time as one enters a corridor almost in the middle, so one has to move around on it and then continue running, which, he explained, is more lost time. Not to mention the lost time if you have the curiosity to read it, which all those who lean on it and are really at the forefront of desafío should be a little curious about.

General description

As long as we were able to walk without any obstacles that would disturb us, including the signals, we would be here two and a half hours from ida and another to return. (So ​​that’s you have to go all the way back). But as mentioned, there are obstacles, so the only conclusion that can be reached about how long it will take is an estimate of about three hours.

I know, thirty minutes extra? It’s a madness. There is no way that the stupid stones on the road bother us so much.

I’m about to hit them.

The space takes thirty seconds to complete with the rocks on the sidewalk.

It’s three times as long as it takes to take a normal room.

Obstacles are introduced at the midpoint.

Adding thirty minutes is the minimum ♥♥♥.

If we had to do the right calculations, its 500 rooms taking an average of 9 seconds (three to ten, the signs) and another 500 rooms taking 30 seconds, that would give us 1 hour and 15 minutes in the first half, and 4 hours and 16 minutes for the second half, giving us a total of five and a half hours.

Note: Quick version because the stones vary between bedrooms and some of the rooms do not have stones at all because the final number (thankfully) is an exaggeration.

And it’s ahí. And of return

You spend your whole day doing this ♥♥♥. Does not include if you have a good night’s sleep.

Last minute messages

If there’s something I forgot to mention, something you want to mention, something else that has passed me by, tell me. I’m not afraid of the critics (that’s what anyone would say they have) and I still have not gotten there. I forgot that chronometers, all of these have been extremely approximate estimates.

Also with the space of the obstacles I do not think they worked incredibly well. I will not continue this trip today. I went to the first room with obstacles and minimized the game to be able to complete this with a broken head.

What you want to find

I did, I took about 4 hours, but it took me there. Until the end. And you do not have to go back, it’s a miracle. The real euphoria of finishing this Easter egg in desert bus style. And they all showed their respect. The two bedrooms at the end of the tunnel were really something worth considering, not only for luck, but also for the experience of spending time and effort on something that others would consider pointless, to be treated as something, which many others could not be. . treated with.

I’ll tell you later, but I can not tell you what’s going on. In any way. It was a very good sensation, there was no way it could have stopped anyone, even using a spoiler label. I can not figure out how much it took before that happened. All this paid off.

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