Event Warzone Operation Monarch: all that we know

April 25, 2022:

With all the teasers and advances of Operation Monarch to the vista, the information about the event has begun to diminish.

To this end, an image of the Gulag of the time 3 has revealed the logo of the Operation and many will note its appearance with the most recent logo of Modern Warfare.

Despite numerous teasers that follow Godzilla’s infamous legacy, the details about a new Warzone event appeared to the great enthusiasm of the players. Conocido como Operation Monarchthe event also took place in the King Kong Legacy.

With rumors suggesting that the era of the Battle of the Royal will not include a sixth temporary content post, the event will take place during the first week of Season 3, which begins on April 27.

Once the next lot of content has been leaked, all of the stars will appear in the Godzilla and King Kong appearances while preparing for the Caldera battle. Here it’s all there is to know about Operation Monarch in Warzone.

When will Operation Monarch begin?

In agreement with the artwork presented on April 20, Operation Monarch will begin on May 11, two weeks after the beginning of Time 3. It is likely that the brand marks the appearance of Godzilla and King Kong in Caldera, per details about what will include Operation Monarch will not appear. aún.

Trailer of Operation Monarca

The first cinematic trailer of Operation Monarch confirms the King Kong Caldera release. Judging by the pattern of the monsters, it is very likely that some type of event in the game involves the players who intend to save the island from total destruction.

Challenges of Operation Monarch

Even though with the majority of Warzone events, there is a high probability that Operation Monarch will have a series of challenges for the complete players. It’s likely that the players can gain a lot of XP and exclusive cosmetic items to eliminate Godzilla and King Kong.

One more time we will talk about Operation Monarchy and its challenges, we will update the article with the most recent and complete information.

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Compensation for Operation Monarch

To complete challenges, there is always the opportunity to get some rewards, including XP or exclusive visit cards and amulets. The previous Warzone events contain a variety of thematic rewards for gain and it is probable that Operation Monarch is the same.

We are currently discussing the rewards for participating in the event, but one week ago, we decided to consult all the information.

That’s all we know about Operation Monarch just in time. Stay tuned to our Warzone page to get to know the latest notices, filters and equipment calls for Battle Royale’s Battle Royale.

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