Eurogamer will not be updated until Monday

The video game industry is not supposed to miss the weekend, but this time we are not expecting any news from us between 3 p.m. today Friday April 1st and the following Monday April 4th.

The reason is none other than the implementation of important technical changes to our internal platform, which will prevent us from publishing new content during the weekend when you comment, modify accounts or create new users. During this period, we will be migrating all current content to the new system, which requires us to put the web “on hold” for a few days, but once this process is complete, everything will be back to normal.

There will be no significant changes in web functionality with the new version and the design (for now) will be the same as the custom one, although you will notice some improvements in the mobile version and in the publication of the comments. There will also be changes in the account system, using a general system (the ReedPop ID) which will be common to all Gamer Network sites, from Eurogamer to VG247, via Rock Paper Shotgun, GamesIndustry or VGC. Current users, in any case, don’t have to worry too much…over the weekend we will migrate users and only then will you have to log in again once the new version has been activated .

But as we said, most changes are internal. The new tools will allow us to work better, and the new platform will also allow our technical team to make changes and add features that until now were not possible. Is it dark on the web? It’s on the way…

We appreciate your patience as we implement all of these changes. We see the week coming!

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