Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Carretera oculta en Cortiçadas De Lavre (DLC de Iberia)

Encuentra un camino oculto en el DLC de Iberia en Cortiçadas de Lavre.

Guide to finding a hidden path

Conduciendo until Cortiçadas De Lavre

Check a map error in Iberia-DLC version (64 bit) and it is also an explanation that is encontaro.

Cortiçadas De Lavre is a small town northeast of Lisbon. There is only one way to get there and only one focus after passing the fees.

Dirígete al aserradero

The only industry in Cortiçadas De Lavre is a wood factory. Drive through the first roundabout, note it and look at the missing road that splits off from it.

Tome la salida más derecha de la rotonda y continúe hasta llegar a una intersection en T. Garar a la izquierda. (The road ends on the right side of the intersection, so it must be turned left).

El aserradero is behind the door to his right. Usually saldrías al terrasse to recoger una carga or dejarla. But, ¿cuál es ese camino más allá? There is no barrera “XXXXX” indicating the end of the map.

But here it is. No está en el mapa, pero es un camino manageable. Tenga en cuenta la rama que falta de la rotonda en el mapa. We will return to that.

Un camino en medio de la nada

Continue pasando el serradero y siga por el camino. Está en medio de la nada. In reality.

The GPS shows 0 kilometers!

But now for el camino.

Yendo (en la) rotonda, de vuelta a la normalidad

Keep driving and you will notice that the red line in your GPS is back. Estás llegando a la rotonda (rotatoria para americanos) por la que pasaste anteriore. He returned to the roundabout to resume his work and life as a Euro Truck driver.

I’m not sure how SCS missed this. There are several other places in Iberia’s DLC like this, mainly around the borders of the facilities that you can drive “off the map”. The DLC of Iberia is a beautiful map that is a joy to drive. SCS corrige el error, espero que dejen el camino; la majoja de los conductores aprecian conducir en un cle or dar la vuelta a la cuadra til lograr una mejor posición para descargar su carga.

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