EU publicizes that replaceable batteries can be obligatory for handheld sport consoles after 2027!Potential affect on Switch and Steam deck successors

New handheld sport consoles will want replaceable batteries from 2027, EU says


According to the article

The European Union has introduced that new handheld sport consoles such because the Nintendo Switch and Steam deck successors should have replaceable batteries by 2027.

It is a part of a brand new EU Council regulation geared toward “regulating the entire life cycle” of batteries and making certain they’re “safe, sustainable and competitive”.

・By making it simpler to switch and recycle batteries,For new merchandise after 2027, “Portable batteries embedded in family home equipment ought to be detachable and replaceable by the top consumer.”and

・Handheld sport machines are usually not particularly talked about within the doc explaining the brand new regulation, however the EU consultant informed Overkill,“Game console batteries are subject to the Battery and Waste Battery Regulations”confirmed with

・Additionally, “A portable battery is deemed to be easily removable by the end user if it can be removed from the product using commercially available tools and does not require the use of special tools or is provided free of charge with the product.”

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