Escape horror game “Refund Me If You Can” that takes advantage of Steam’s refund system is now available!Virtually free if cleared within 2 hours of first viewing

Appearance of a work that takes advantage of Steam’s refund system-Escape horror “Refund Me If You Can” delivery, can you clear it within 2 hours of first viewing – GameSpark

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Sungame Studio releases horror game Refund Me If You Can for Windows.
This work is a horror that aims to escape from the nightmare labyrinth as “Sarah”.

A distinctive feature is the title, which encourages the use of Steam’s refund system. ,” notes the store page.

In other wordsIf you use Steam’s system that “If the purchase is within 14 days and the playing time is less than 2 hours”, it will be refunded unconditionally, and if you clear it within 2 hours, it will be virtually freeThe challenge.

Available on Steam for ¥520.Click here for the store page

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Grass on RTA premise. It’s good because it’s like this.

What kind of game is that ramen shop gluttony challenge

I don’t like this kind of provocative style

If you refund too much, your credit card or PayPal will refuse payment, so everyone should just deliver and pay properly without returning it.

A creator with an interesting sense
unthinkable in Japan

The idea is interesting. If you get frustrated, it will take more than 2 hours.
Unlike the Gluttony Challenge, it’s not a prize but a refund
Even if the game is refunded, the creator’s loss is 0

If you can clear it within 2 hours of first viewing, please refund me

Isn’t this kind of troublesome from the steam side?That’s not what the system is for
Well, I’m probably saying that because it’s not easy to clear in 2 hours, and I don’t think it’s actually going to be a refund festival.

People who had no idea of ​​refunding in the first place (I was surprised that such a thing was possible…)

If you don’t clear it within 2 weeks of buying and within 2 hours of playing time, it’s hard for a game that changes from free to 520 yen.

the idea is interesting

If it’s within 14 days of purchase and you’ve played within 2 hours, you can get a refund.
This kind of provocative game for players is also interesting

So, won’t you play Mr. Yaruo, who is confident in his game skills? ?
Husband who does & husband who doesn't do Husband who doesn't open mouth Husband who does sweat

Horror is scary so it’s impossible ()

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