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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been released and added a new story, incursion, weapon type, you know, the usual. Junto a él, por supuesto, está Season of the Risen, una historia centrada en la tensa relación entre las fuerzas Cabal de Caiatl y la Vanguardia, specifically Zavala. If you are here, you are probably wondering how to complete the mission Rising Tensions, which is not written like the best game, so it is a bit confusing how to complete and unlock the battlefield of psychological operations. seasonal content This is all you need to know to start the Season of the Risen march with this. Destiny 2: Rising Tensions Quest Guide.

Guía de misiones de Rising Tensions – Destiny 2 Season of the Risen

First things first, including to start Rising Tensions, you must complete the introductory mission for The Witch Queen. Es una maravilla, sin duda una de las misiones las misiones las lagas del juego, but abróchate el cinturón y termina de una vez. No es difícil while playing on classic difficulty.

Check in with Ikora after the mission in Mars Enclave after completing this mission and you will get Rising Tensions. Sin Embargo, even if you have the mission in your inventory, you can advance until you complete the Witch Queen’s next mission, La Investigación. Entonces, ya sabes lo que debes hacer, sigue adelante y completa la próxima mission. The mission can be launched from the Enclave itself, so get to work.

You have completed a mission that has a new contact for the Throne World (no hay spoilers). It is possible to find Rising Tensions as an actuary of The Witch Queen. No es necesario que progresses más en Pruebas solidas si no quieres, aunque debieros hacerlo en algún momento.

Then go to the hangar area in the tower and interact with Caiatl’s seal, near the wing of the hangar in Saint-14. Obtendra’s first scene. After the scene, go to HELM and interact with the war table there. Tendrás que hacer eso twice for two separate scenes, one with Caiatl and one with Lord Saladin.

Guía de misiones de Rising Tensions – Destiny 2: Season of the Risen

  • Complete Reina Bruja’s introductory mission.
  • Complete the mission La Reina Bruja de Investigación desde el Enclave.
  • Accept the mission Evidence solida del contacto de Throne World.
  • Go to the Tower Hangar area, interact with Caiatl’s sigil and watch the scene.
  • Ve al HELM, interactúa con War Table twice for conseguir información de Caiatl y Lord Saladin.

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  • Complete an event of PsiOps Battleground in the EDZ.
  • Return to HELM, interact with the war table to complete Rising Tensions.
  • At this point, the PsiOps battlefield in Earth and the EDZ will have been unlocked. Ponlo a cola del director and complétalo. It is a paired activity and it is impossible to fail while sticking to it. No es difícil en absoluto. This is the seasonal activity of Destiny 2: Season of the Risen, así que siéntete cómodo con ella.

    Finally, it is final when it comes to completing the misión Rising Tensions has been informed by Lord Saladin at HELM en War Table again. So it is now, have completed misión Rising Tensions.

    That’s all you need to know for how to complete the mission Rising Tensions then La Reina Bruja and La Temporada de los Resucitados. For more tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions, check out our helpful Year 5 Destiny 2 guide wiki.

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