Epic Games will fund Reembolsos of Shenmue’s Kickstarter Campaign 3

Last June 11, we announced it Deep silver was associated with Epic games exclusively to take Shenmue 3 in the US video game development store. What would not have exceeded more than that if everything became like what happened with Metro Exodus or Borderland 3, but in the case of the game Ice Net we had a Kickstarter for half and this changes everything.

Epic Games to save the straps

The mechanisms that support the project ensure that the campaign offers a code to Steam, and not to the Epic store that requires full refund. What went wrong when Deep silver refused to make a reinstatement, but this decision did not last long, so a few hours later a new policy was announced. decentralization, reimbursement or exchange leaves the following opportunities for backers:

  • PC digital copy (Epic Games code and one for Steam option).
  • Physical PC copy (includes Epic Games code and one for Steam option).
  • PSN digital code.
  • PlayStation 4 physical copy.
  • Full repayment of the money invested in the crowdfunding day.
  • It will also be possible change the Shenmue III version of PC to console and vice versa.

The surprise came when Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, confirmed yesterday via Twitter that his company will fund all reembols generated by the Shenmue 3 exclusivity with the Epic Storewhich minimizes anything that is inconvenient in the development of the game.

Follow Sweeney’s gesture, not to judge the development of the game haters from the Epic store has not been late to go to shoot madness on social media with comments like; «This would not be necessary if the games exclusively for your store did not take you to talonario“ISLAND”Good work on correcting a problem you have created yourself«. It seems that people do not understand that Epic’s competition is good to end with Steam’s digital monopoly on PC, and that what matters is the game, not what the library has.

Shenmue III launches on November 19 on PC, both physically and digitally and on PlayStation 4.

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