Epic Games will feature its Reembolsos policy on Steam

La Epic Games store it has come to last and it seems to achieve that many developers have opted for it instead of the traditional Valve. But content with developers does not cause the platform to crack in terms of sales, without users buying the games, it is not a success, and Epic knows it. For this reason and after receiving a lot of feedback from the community, Epic Store has changed reembolsos policywhich will now work in the same way as Steam.

Initially, users could only apply for three refunds per year, but now it will be in a limited way and can be done within 14 days of purchasing the product, always and when the user has not played the title for more than two hours. The process will also be automated, without having to provide a lot of explanations, payment methods and other information that resulted in quite annoying for the customers.


  • Limited unlimited.
  • Transfer of the game within 14 days of purchase.
  • Titles that have been played for more than 2 hours are not transferable.

Politics of Reembolsos from Epic store

Epic Games Frequently Asked Questions that answer all questions about the online store’s refund policy.

What type of products can I use to get a refund?

You can request a refund for any game you have purchased through the Epic Games Store. Epic may not make refunds on purchases made outside the Epic Games Store.

When you receive a refund of a game, you will also receive a refund of the downloadable content you have purchased for that game through the Epic Games Store, whenever and wherever the content has not been consumed, modified or transferred. The developers of the game will also be interested

the possibility of receiving a refund for purchases made via the application.

When can the products be sold?

You can request a refund of any product within 14 days of purchase for any reason, at least if you have been playing the game for more than 2 hours.

You can not request a refund for games that have been suspended or for those that violate the Terms of Service.

How can I request a refund?

You can apply for a refund by clicking on “Contacts” in the Epic Games store and on the promoter’s help page and by submitting a refund request.

How do I receive the refund?

By default, purchases will be refunded via the same payment method that was used to make the purchase, but this may not always be possible according to the payment method. You can also agree with Epic that rebound is issued by an alternative method. It is taken into account that the amount of time for the refund to be processed depends on the method of payment.

And reservations?

You can cancel your reservation and receive a refund at any time before launch. After the launch of the game, you can apply for a refund in a 14-day room if you have not played for more than 2 hours. For the effects of this policy, a “launch” includes any playable version of the game, including the beta versions.

And if the product you just bought is on sale?

You can request a full refund of your purchase and return immediately to purchase the product, always and when it is in line with previous directives. We do not consider this an abuse of reimbursement.

If Epic finds that you are abusing the refund policy, you may not be able to apply for a refund. This policy exists so you can buy without worries and make sure you only spend money on the games you want to pay and play!

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