Epic Games Store direct competition on Steam

Epic games has presented a new proposal for 2019 and this is not yet a style game Fortnite has nothing to do with the style, this time we have a trade online called Epic Games Store who pretends to compete directly with Valve and its Steam store.

Epic Games Store will only be left with 12% of game sales

The key news that Epic Games Store will offer does not directly affect the consumer, but there is no doubt that it is a useful alternative for developers to choose from the Epic Store and not from Gabe Newell. Epic Games Store will operate on the following principles:

All developers account for 88% of sales

While Valve has recently changed its profit policy to the detriment of the smaller developers (Valve remains at 25%, 20% from the $ 50 million in revenue), Epic plant, where developers receive 88% of revenue without average levels, that is, Epic alone will remain at 12%. In addition, if the project is in use Unreal engineEpic will cover 5% of the engine’s royalty for in – store sales.

Another of the benefits that the American video game developer brings is his program Support-A-Creator that helps YouTube creators, Twitch, or bloggers reach players. Lcreators who recommend players who buy a game will receive a portion of the proceeds establishing ls developer (reworked with code or affiliate marketing link). To boost the creative economy, Epic will cover the first 5% of the creator’s shared income during the first 24 months.

Developers will also have total control over their game pages and news feed. There will be no in-store ads or cross-marketing of competing games on its site, nor paid ads in the search results.

The Epic Games store is open to games created with any graphics engine, and the first launches block Unreal, Unity and internal engines.

Tim Sweeney, founder of EPic Games, added that “we have built this store and its financial model so that Epic’s interests are in line with your interests. Due to the high volume of Fortnite transactions, we can process payments from the store, take care ”from 12% of the Epic store price, we will offer a profitable business that we will grow and reinvest in the coming years”.

There’s no doubt that this is good news, so Valve is not falling on its laurels and looking to improve its platform. If the Epic Games Store is going to offer a devotional system like Steam, I’m sure the war could be pretty incarnated. In addition, I hope to have a more powerful quality filter and not release as much cartilage as Steam does.

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