Epic Games is suing YouTuber “Golden Modz” for selling Fortnite Hack, among other things

tak a Torrent freakwe have already buried it Epic games has brought an action against Golden Modz, who has been identified as Brandon Lucas. A YouTuber with more than 1.7 million subscribers who is apparently dedicated to promoting hacks to Fortnite and thus infringing the copyright to the title.

Golden Modz refers to hacks as “Magic Powers”

The trial, brought before it Federal Court of North Carolinaaccuses “Golden Modz” of infringing copyright and also mentions Colton Conter, aka “Exentric”, as the other accused.

“This is a case of copyright infringement, breach of contract and unlawful interference in which the plaintiffs infringe the copyright of Epic Games by injecting unauthorized software (‘trap’ o’hacks’) into the protected code of the author of the popular video game Fortnite,” Epic writes.

Both defendants have shown the use of hacks in several YouTube videos. To use these tricks, you inject code into the game that modifies the original, which is a clear violation of copyright law, according to Epic Games.

In addition, Golden Modz is also available accused of selling cheat codes through goldengodz.com websites y gtagods.comwhich is often advertised in its gameplays on the channel.

“Lucas runs these websites and sells these scammers to make money. Has also posted videos of users using these scammers. Its ill-gotten gains come at the expense of Epic and the members of the Fortnite community.”

Cheating sale catches on goldengodz.com

Golden Modz and Exentric meet occasionally to play together to inform the spectators about where they can buy hacks and cheaters, referred to as “Magic Powers”, at which time they also organize tricks.

“At the end of the show, I’ll be doing a three-month show with magical powers for Fortnite. Certainly not their cheats – guitars – the magical powers are good,” Golden Modz said.

According to Epic Games and the title of the video (Fortnite HACKING with AIMBOT LIVE! (Aimbot & ESP)), these forces have nothing to do with magic.


In some of their YouTube videos, the defendants (sometimes together) play in doubles and squares, and the scam gives them “magical powers”, allowing them to “trollear” in Fortnite to kill dozens of other players and “win” played, the termination sounds.

Epic has asked YouTube to remove more of these videos, which have not gone unnoticed. In fact, last month, Golden Modz released a video titled “I’m being sued by fortnite …”, which resulted in being quite prophetic. In the video, I comment that many other YouTubers make this type of content and really do not see their actions as a problem.

“I almost feel like I’m being discriminated against by Epic Games, now you know I’m just a kid making YouTube videos and a lot of people enjoy this,” Golden Modz said.

Epic Games is clearly desperate and the company wants to be compensated for its losses. The lawsuits are specific to copyright infringement and breach of contract, in addition to several other claims, including specifically copyright infringement by contributors to Golden Modz.

In summary, Epic Games wants the defendant to continue making this type of content and logically continue to sell or advertise these cheats to Fortnite. In addition, they want all profits to be reimbursed and paid for damages and injuries, as well as attorney fees and costs associated with the action of the case.

Those interested can see the entire application here.

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