Epic Games Impulse Core, multiplayer video game generated by the user

Manticore games has closed an investment of $ 15 million led by Epic gameswhich validates the vision and development of Nuclear in a multiplayer of endless games.

Epic Games wins 15 million in Core

Manticore’s mission is to create a new life of creativity in video games by radically reducing barriers to entry for development and publishing in the same way that YouTube has revolutionized video creation.

“Core is impressive”says Adam Sussman, president of Epic Games. At Epic, we believe the industry is a leader in how games are paired each time on open platforms, where creators can build their own worlds. Built with Unreal, Core exemplifies this future and goes a step further by offering an environment where everyone can create amazing multiplayer games and present a metaverine where players will discover endless entertainment.

Fantastic creations with Core

Core is to live a key moment. Last March, the company opened the platform for creators in the alpha phase. Today, you can find a nourishing number of games in various genres, styles, and artistic endings, from RPGs to adventure, MMOs, supervision games, shooters, puzzles, musicals, and more. Manticore also announced a pilot program for creators a few months ago, with $ 1 million in funding, confirming their commitment to building a new economy for creators.

“We’m excited about Epic’s support for Manticore’s vision of the Core platform”assures Frederic Descamps, co-founder and CEO of Manticore Games. “We embrace the leadership of Epic to strengthen our industry through technology, and we feel we are very much in line with our vision of the future based on user-created multiversaries: we lead the democratization of the environment in which video is created and by whom they Core represents a drastic change in the paradigm of user-generated video game content that records how YouTube or Twitch has completely changed the forecasts and economics of video and streaming; the difference is that with Core, users can produce and play quality games in a connected universe”.

Dungeons & Dragons Design-A-Dungeon Competition

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Recently, with the Dungeons & Dragons Design-A-Dungeon competition, Core has demonstrated that at an early stage, it will lead the new generation of the video game industry in user-generated content. In just a few weeks, more than 150 games have been launched that provide hundreds of hours of D&D content to keep players entertained. The level of participation and quality of the created games was shown on PAX Online last week, presented by a panel of celebrities enjoying with D&D.

Earlier this year, Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games commented on Gamasutra: “Core is great. I think it just demonstrates that no company in the entire video game industry will solve this for themselves. It will require that we all work together to build the path we want to build on the basis of our efforts. “I’m very excited to see it.”

Visit Nuclear and discover your creative side.

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