Endless Dungeon presents ZED, the metalhead mercenary

Amplitude Studios presents a new series of videos that will reveal the heroes of his die-and-attempt roguelit Endless Dungeon. ZED! Service name: Zedoé Kovlava; alias: Headbanger, for friends, acquaintances and any casual observer. This metal submachine gun is the first to appear in the series.

Players are welcome to visit Endless Dungeon they will fight to escape from this strange place. We’re ahead of a game that combines rogue-lite tactical action with a piece tower defense: Protect your crystal from endless waves of monsters or die intentionally, recharge and return to try it.

Amplitude Studios, Endless Dungeon


Amplitude Studios is excited to partner with producer-singer-songwriter Lera Lynn, who has worked with Arnaud Roy to create more themes for Endless Dungeon. One of these themes, “Free Again”, appeared in the game’s presentation trailer, and since then the community has not bothered to persuade developers to get the full version. And now: it’s available! See Lera’s performance today at 17:00 CET on our Twitch channel, and claim the full theme in .mp3 as a reward through Games2Gether.


Endless Dungeon is the fifth release in the science fiction universe Endless ™, where many of the previous games from Amplitude Studios are under development. Avoid the long wait of trying the rest. Endless Space 1 and 2, Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless (spiritual predecessor to Endless Dungeon) can be played for free on Steam from now until Monday.

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