Emerging Mazmorra: useful tips and tricks

Small tips on quality of life.

Tips and tricks

Speed ​​up

There are different configurations to speed up the game.

Time control

The most obvious is the fast forward key: in a predetermined way, hold down [Mayúsculas izquierda] to move forward quickly.


  • Set the normal speed to 1.2 instead of 1.0.
  • Set fast forward speed to 3.0.
  • Use the “alternate button press” configuration instead of the “hold button”.

Position the voice during the fast advance

Note without hesitation that the voices are also accelerated (and the shouts come back), so it is possible to want to mute the voices as you move fast. Hopefully there is a configuration for that!

Speed ​​up the match text

If you look a little more into the configuration, you can speed up the fight without going back to the quick advance:

  • Reject waiting times.
  • Increase the speed of long waiting periods.

Speed ​​of dialog text

In the same way, you can speed up the dialogues without going back to the quick:

  • Increase the speed of the dialog text.

User-generated content

Can use user-generated content for adults

To enable user-generated adult content, you must participate:

Game mechanics

Net worth

Net income is the limiting factor in forecasts for comparable compensation codes.

A code can be played:

  • Every 2 hours.
  • If you have access to the character selection screen, then you are not in a race!

You can verify the value of your net worth in the configuration.

Death is expected

Death toll:

  • Start in round 7.
  • Increase power and decrease support for all devices.

Death is very sad

Death is very sad:

  • Start in round 10.
  • Increase the penetration of the armor, the target, and the reach of the members of your group.
  • 25% damage per. round (accumulates) to the members of your group.

user interface

Level exit button

Once you have defeated all the enemies, a “Level Up” button will appear in the lower corner.

This button is lit:

  • Red when one or more interactive elements are left.
  • Green when interacting with each coffin, altar, etc.

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