Elex 2: How to Update Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most important tools in Elex 2. Without a ban, it will definitely miss a bit when it is first received. While still surprising, the jetpack can definitely be improved. This guide will help you how to update Jetpack in Elex 2.

How to update Jetpack in Elex 2

The first thing you need to do is follow the raster from Adam to Bastion under the main mission group The 6th Power. It will be its main base for operations, so it would also like to know the country.

Before you go upstairs to talk to Adam and move on to the search, to the right of the stairs and up the wall is a Jetpack bank that you can use for all your updates.

Elex 2 update Jetpack bank

Important: You must have at least 25 intelligences before you can update any aspect of Jetpack. Unlike the skills of other masters, these will never get better and 25 Intelligence can handle it all.

There are 6 current parts of Jetpack:

  • Maneuvering impulses that allow you to move while flying, not just upwards.
  • Sprint Boosters that allow you to fly faster when you press the joystick off / L3.
  • Floating that allows you to fly and use body-to-body weapons remotely.
  • The extra tank is a unique purchase that allows you to increase the Jetpack’s fuel volume even more.
  • The retouches, which can be updated 4 times, start a quick braking before putting on the floor when there is no fuel left.
  • Fuel capacity that can be updated 50 times and only takes 1 fuel per. update.

If you have it, everything you need to know how to update Jetpack in Elex 2.

Still because we tend to get more Elex 2 guides along the way. If you need a review of the first game, this progress can definitely help.

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