Elex 2: How to travel fast

If you really have a jetpack in the Elex 2 from the beginning, in the beginning it is only really good to go up to acantilados. When it comes to visiting the lejano settlement in the state that has only once, you want to travel fast. Don’t worry, this guide is all about How to travel fast in Elex 2.

How to travel fast in Elex 2

The best way to travel fast in the Elex 2 is that you can do it from almost anywhere. You can not teleport when you are in combat, but you can at any other time.

It is also incredibly easy to unlock for fast travel. In the game you will see these strange white pillows that do not seem to fit into the game’s most amazing configuration areas.

Fast Travel and Elex 2 Travel Unlock Pad

Just flipping these pads will unlock your use on the card. Every major event will have one, though you can take a little hunting to find it. The game has more than 35 teletransmissions to find and activate, giving it a much wider range on the map to travel at any one time.

If it unlocks the ability to travel fast in Elex 2, the right method involves opening your map and finding the right icons. Here is an example card:

All these pyramids surrounded by a point in the middle are fast travel points, just so you know what the icon looks like. As you can see, the map is filled with fast travel points, making it much easier to complete missions further in the game.

If you have it, everything, that’s all you need to know about how to travel fast in elex 2. If a quick trip is useful, you will no doubt use the jetpack much more often, so here we show you how to update that jetpack.

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