Element TD 2 – Beginner’s Guide

This guide aims to teach you the basics of Element TD 2 so you can go into a single or multiplayer game and know what’s going on.

Basic guide for beginners


Hello and welcome to the Element TD 2 Beginners Guide. Before I start, I would like to set some expectations:

  • This guide will not cover specific constructions or strategies.
  • This guide does not cover advanced optimization techniques.
  • This guide aims to teach you the basic techniques and everything you need to know to pass an Element TD 2 game by understanding what’s going on.


To learn the basic concepts that apply to each game mode, I want examples of a Supervivencia game, or FFA, as the multiplayer variant is called.


Ensuring that you have enough gold to build the required towers is one of the first essential elements of any defense tower. In Element TD 2, gold can come from three sources.

  1. To kill escalofríos.
  2. Additional entries / creeps.
  3. Interested.

The inputs to the extra dot sheets are something to choose when achieving an item selection (more on that later).

The interest rate rises every 15 seconds and the author receives an additional 2% gold depending on the amount it currently has (example: with 200 gold available, it rises by about 4 gold of interest, which is seen in the upper right corner of your screen).

Pick up your Camino for Victoria

You start each game by qualifying for additional income / growth with some extra gold, or one of the six items to be added to your arsenal.

The extra tip hair update is one you need to take care of. It gives you extra gold, but it also means that if someone hits you faster than you, then you will be pressured very quickly.

Professional Advice: You can disable the item indicator from the configuration and simply select its items from the top right user interface.

Select an item to give you access to a basic elemental tower of the type that you can then update and combine with other towers to the extent that you prefer multiple items.

It can be difficult to decide what to choose at the start of the game, or consider all the tactical implications of your choices, so if you want to see some of your options at your leisure, you can do so with Table Tower in Extras Menu.

Building towers is very convenient in Element TD 2. You can click with the check button on each tower individually and go back to selecting it in the construction bar. You can also hold down the Mayus key to place multiple towers of the same type once selected, similar to what it would be like in a real-time strategy game.

Or you can simply draw a frame to place one group of towers at a time, this also works with turn-by-turn construction, so you can very easily place several scattered groups of the same type!

Configuration for success

Location and weaknesses

As an example, I chose Light as my first item and set it up in a central location where it reaches most of the map. This tower has the only name because it is formed by a single element.

Different elements have different strengths and weaknesses. Each item is strong for the right and hard for the left according to the order in the upper right user interface.

The light is strong in front of the darkness, but fast towards the Earth, which means that it turns quickly towards the first day, which you can see in the upper part of the screen, if the cursor passes over the incoming waves. This screen is very useful because it also tells you what skills each hair has and what its keys are (if there is an obvious counter).

Since my first tower is early on the first day, I will support it with a cannon tower.

The Arrow and Cannon towers are the basic towers in Element TD 2 and you will always have access to them regardless of your choice. Any elementary tower of your choice can be updated in advance.

This is usually known as a double step.

You should always take into account how you install your towers. By placing towers where creeps will pass more than once, you will maximize the damage production of each tower, as you would with the cannon tower above.

Improve and combine

Element TD 2 is a game about improving and combining elements for new towers.

You can make a new choice every 5th wave up to 50. In total, you get 11 choices during a game.

Each elementary choice after the first will call a chief corresponding to the element. You will not unlock access to the new item until the master is dead.

In my example, I chose Fire as my second element and killed the boss who created it.

As before I had Light, and now I have Fire, I can combine the elements and transform my Light Tower into a Ray Tower. It is called Dual because it consists of two elements.

Given that I have invested so much gold in a light damage tower and am approaching stronger waves, my defense may need additional help in future waves on Earth. I will try to add a fire tower or some extra cannon towers to support my lightning as soon as I can, to make sure the bad bites do not pass.

This is something you should always keep in mind and adapt to the measure that improves your defense.

When you press the spacer bar or click the button to the right of the construction bar in the lower part, you can see the complete tower board showing all the available towers in the game.

The singles are shown in the upper part, the doubles in the middle and the triples in the lower part. A triple is a tower that consists of three elements and contains some of the most powerful towers in the game.

When you move the cursor over a particular tower, information about that tower is displayed and also highlights what can be improved under it, as well as what is needed to do it in the first place before it.

For example, my light tower here is built of Light and Fire as it stands up, and Nova, Runic, Windstorm and Money Towers can be updated as it stands out on an ongoing basis.

The tower board is very useful not only for planning what can be built by continuously selecting certain elements, but you can also select and build towers directly from it, provided you have the necessary gold in place to maintain a tower base. on down to the top. ! Without hesitation, for the elements, keep in mind that they can cause problems if they do not have the necessary elements or enough towers of a single target to run with them.

When you start getting more elements in your design and have updates available, you can also hold down the Ctrl key while selecting a tower or while positioning it to automatically update it to the highest level you can currently build and pay.

The essence of the last game

It is possible that it was noticed that there was a diamond icon attached and which was not available to be selected from the beginning. This is called Essence and is a resource that is only really relevant towards the end of the game.

When Elijah does, a single chief will appear. Kill yourself from the essence, which is then used to improve the elements to level 4 or, if you have chosen the six elements, build a periodic tower from the construction beam.

Each Essence option allows you to build 2 individual or periodic towers at level 4 (without restrictions, you are welcome to do so). You also get a free Essence when the 50th wave is over.

The periodic tower inflicts complex damage, making it neutral to all types of enemies and having no strengths or weaknesses.

Unfortunately, the horse hat makes me look smart.

Mentioned before tuviste repeats until the 50th wave, but what happens then? Well, the “normal” waves end in wave 55. Then you will face an intermittent eruption of Doom Lords, which will eventually kill you. Your only goal at this point is to survive as much time as possible and get a good point to assume in front of your friends.

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